Sarah Hartman Women's College of Touro offers a comprehensive curriculum in a Torah-centered environment. Our Bachelor of Arts program combines intensive study in a major field with a required general education component. It provides a core curriculum and study in Advanced Judaic Studies.

Core Requirements

As part of your study at Hartman Women's College, you will complete a first major in Interdisciplinary Judaic Studies as many of you spend your freshman year abroad studying in Israel, before continuing your in-depth studies on campus. Most students opt to complete an additional major, choosing from Accounting (CPA), Business, Computer and Information Sciences, Education (State Certification), E-Commerce and Web-Based Business, English, Graphic Arts and Design, Health Sciences, Marketing, Psychology and Speech and Communication Disorders. The Health Sciences major provides prerequisite courses for graduate and professional education, leading to careers in the fields of dentistry, lab sciences, medicine, nursing, physician assistant, pharmacology, physical and occupational therapy.

Judaic Studies Core Requirements:

Your Judaic Studies core meet the requirements for a major in Judaic Studies. How many credits you take at Hartman Women's College depends on whether you attended a year in Eretz Yisrael.

Requirement Credits
Bible* 6
Jewish History* 3
Jewish Philosophy* 6
Jewish Law* 3
Judaic Studies Electives** 18

*Must be taken at Hartman Women's College.

**Can be fulfilled through participation in HTC’s Israel Option or transfer from seminary.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Requirements:

The following represents the full liberal arts and sciences core requirements. All courses must be taken at Hartman Women's College, with the exception of English Literature, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Public Speaking (13 credits) that can be transfer credits and taken elsewhere. 

Requirement Credits
Arts 3
Behavioral/Social Sciences 3
English Composition (ENGH 111 and ENGH 211)* 6
English Literature 3
Hebrew (foreign language)* 3
Mathematics (MATH 203 or higher)* 3
Modern Civilizations 3
Natural Sciences (with lab) 4
Public Speaking 3

*Students may be exempt from this requirement based on scores on the Hartman Women's College Entrance Exam.

Residency requirements among the additional majors vary considerably.

You will need a minimum of 120 total credits to graduate with a bachelor's degree.

Programs & Majors

Hartman Women's College provides many opportunities for you to fulfill your academic and professional goals. Academic and career guidance is a key element to your success, and our faculty and departmental leaders are eager to support you!

Students are advised to contact their Department Chair, Dean, or other designated faculty member to discuss career goals and academic requirements.

Computer and Information Sciences (CAIS)
E-Commerce and Web-Based Business
Graphic Arts & Design
Health Sciences
Judaic Studies
Speech and Communication Disorders

Pathway Programs

Through our partnerships with accredited universities such as Loyola University Chicago, Midwestern University, North Park University, and institutions within the Touro University System, many pathway programs are available to you. Touro University Illinois offers preferred entrance to qualified graduates into the Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Family Nurse Practitioner, and Physician Assistant programs.

Midwestern University offers pathway programs to two eligible graduates annually in Clinical Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, and Physical Therapy. In addition, a cooperative Bachelor’s/Pharmacy Program is offered by Midwestern University to eligible students. Midwestern University accepts HTC required courses and students transition to the Pharmacy program to complete a degree in Pharmacy.

HTC and North Park University have maintained a cooperative BSN Program that benefits the qualified HTC student. HTC students seeking careers in nursing take all required courses to be accepted to the nursing program.  These courses consist of general studies classes such as science, math, composition, and literature and, in addition, include required theology, bioethics, Hebrew, and history courses that are taken by our students in HTC’s Judaic Studies Department. HTC students complete their BSN at North Park University.

HTC and Quinlan School of Business - Loyola University Chicago maintain an accelerated BA-MBA offering a pathway to a Business Career in a Yeshiva Framework for eligible students.  Two HTC business courses count towards the Quinlan MBA.

Browse and explore our majors to see which pathway you can follow to realize your career goals.

View the full list of Touro graduate & professional schools.

Dual Enrollment

Hartman Women's College offers dual credit options that provide undergraduate coursework for eligible students in participating high schools. Students enrolled in dual credit courses can matriculate to Hartman Women's College with advanced credit standing.

Interdisciplinary Judaic Studies Residency Requirement
Bible 12 6
Jewish History 6 3
Jewish Philosophy 12 6
Jewish Law 6 3
Total Core Curriculum 36-48 18
Interdisciplinary Judaic Studies Residency Requirement
Arts 3 3
Behavioral/Social Sciences (e.g. Economics, History, Psychology, Sociology) 3 3
English Composition (ENGL 211) 3 3
English Literature 3 3
Foreign Language (Hebrew)* 3 3
Mathematics (MATH 203* or higher) 3 3
Modern Civilization (e.g., English Lit, Political Science, World History) 3 3
Natural Sciences (with lab) 4
Public Speaking 3
Total Liberal Arts and Sciences 28 15


*Students may be exempt from this requirement based on scores on the Hartman Women's College Entrance Exam.

**Residency requirements among the additional majors (e.g., Business, Education) vary considerably.

Dual Enrollment

For eligible high school juniors and seniors, Hartman Women's College offers dual credit options that fulfill students’ high school requirements and provide undergraduate coursework. These courses are taught by credentialed Hartman Women's College professors and follow syllabi authorized by the Faculty Senate’s Curriculum Committee.

Students enrolled in dual credit courses can matriculate to Hartman Women's College with advanced credit standing or request a transcript to use at their discretion.