Prepare to become a member of the honored, respected profession of teaching. The profession on which all other professions depend.

The Education Department, with a near 100% pass rate on the state TPA examination, offers preparation for State of Illinois licensure in elementary, secondary, and special education, which enables graduates to teach in both private and public schools. In addition, students may opt to pursue Judaic Studies Teacher Certification.

Program Chair

Dr. Shira Roth
Shira Roth, Ed.D.
Prepare to become a member of the honored, respected profession: Teaching. The profession on which all other professions depend.

General Education Requirements

Students must complete Hartman Women's College’s General Education Requirements as listed in the catalog.

Additional Requirements

  • American Government
  • American History
  • Physical Science with a lab
  • Health and Safety

Education Major Coursework

In addition to the Judaic Studies and General Education requirements listed above, the education coursework for the additional major in education consists of 46 semester hours as outlined below. Level I, II, III, and practicum coursework prepares you to obtain State of Illinois licensure in general education.

Level I

Requirement Credits
EDUH 200 - Principles and Foundations of Education 3
EDUH 241 - Health and Safety Education 3
EDUH 295 - Children’s Literature 3
ARTS 230 - Education Through the Arts 3

Level II

Requirement Credits
EDUH 305 - Cognitive and Language Development (or 313) 3
EDUH 310 - Moral Education 3
EDUH 313 - Educational Psychology (or 305) 3
EDUH 314 - Differentiated Instruction 3
EDUH 315 - Survey of Exceptional Children 3

Level III

Requirement Credits
EDUH 318 - Assessment of Behavior and Learning 3
EDUH 336 - Computer Applications and Technology in Education 3
EDUH 331 - Methods of Teaching Language Arts and Writing 3
EDUH 332 - Methods of Teaching Literacy 3
EDUH 333 - Methods of Teaching Mathematics 3
EDUH 334 - Methods of Teaching Social Studies 3
EDUH 335 - Methods of Differentiated instruction in science 3
EDUH 420 - Classroom Management 3

Practicum (Capstone, Summative Assessment)

EDUH 450 serves as the capstone course that builds on the knowledge and skills attained throughout the curriculum.

Requirement Credits
EDUH 450 - Student Teaching 3

Special Education / LBS1 Endorsement

The Special Education (LBS1) Endorsement program leads to a LBS1 endorsement from the Illinois State Board of Education, which can be added to an Illinois teaching license (PEL). Below are the two additional courses needed for an LBS1 Special Education endorsement.

EDUH 317 - Characteristics of and Methods of Teaching Students with Developmental Disabilities 3
EDUH 319 - Diagnosis and Remediation of Learning, Emotional, and Behavior Disorders 3

Special Education Major

If you would like to major in special education (LBS1 Major) to obtain an LBS1 endorsement, you will need to take all of the courses in the Elementary Education core, the two courses in the LBS1 endorsement above, and the courses listed below.

Requirement Credits
EDUH 350 - Language Disorders and Impairments 3
EDUH 405 - Transition and Employment Planning for Students with Disabilities 3
EDUH 451 - Practicum Special Education 3


I was guided, inspired, and mentored throughout my time at the College. This helped me become the teacher I am. A. Shkolnikov (class of 2016)
Winner of the “Outstanding Beginning Teacher” by IACTE (Illinois Association of Colleges of Teacher Education)