Counseling & Academic Support

Rabbinic Counseling

Rabbi Binyomin Olstein, shlita, is the Menahel Ruchani of Hartman Women's College. Rabbi Olstein was a Rosh Yeshiva at Machon Lev – Jerusalem Technological College –  prior to his arrival in Chicago. Harav Olstein has enjoyed relationships with gedolei Yisrael, who have helped him shape his educational philosophy; chief among them was Dayan Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, zt”l. In addition, Harav Olstein credits his teacher and colleague Harav Aharon Golevenzitz, shlita with his sensitivity to interpersonal ethics. It was he “who transmitted to me the heritage of Rav Eliyahu Lopian zt”l, with all of its implications.”

We are blessed and grateful to benefit from the wisdom, hadracha, and daas Torah present in our institution. Students are encouraged to schedule appointments with Harav Olstein to discuss the myriad issues that can arise during the critical period of the college years.


Dr. Richard Aronoff meets individually and confidentially with students requesting counseling services and/or accommodations.  Students can speak to him regularly or he can refer them to an outside counselor.

To schedule an appointment, contact:

Dr. Richard Aronoff

Career Services

The rebbeim, deans, professors and instructors at the Hartman Women's College are here to motivate and nurture you as you grow academically. The faculty enthusiastically build on your unique talents to truly advance your education. All students and alumnae receive career counseling through a dedicated career counselor, their department chairperson, or through a joint program with Jewish Vocational Services. In addition to academic advisors who guide students toward graduation and admission to graduate programs, career services at the Hartman Women's College Institute provide guidance in preparing a resume, clarifying career goals and approaches to job placement, coaching for job interviews, and placement in part-time and full-time internships. The counselors assist students in registering for placement examinations, evaluating various graduate schools, and compiling a portfolio of recommendations and work samples.

By appointment

Dr. Michael Verderame
Dean, Men's Division
Lead Librarian / English Professor
(773) 973-0241 ext. 3123

Location: Faculty Office in the 2606 Building

Services Include

  • Guidance Counseling – Determine what area you would like to study to suit your interests and abilities
  • Career Events – Explore your chosen field by networking with on-the-job professionals.
  • Job and Internship Placement – Get work experience in your field, for credit, before you start searching for a full-time job.
  • Graduate School Advising – Find the school that is a good fit for you as you continue your education.
  • Course Schedule Planning – Map out the prerequisite classes you need in order to get into your graduate school of choice.  
  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Preparation Classes - Practice your standardized test-taking skills.
  • Graduate School Application Management – Make sure you have the proper documentation for admittance.

Math Center

Students are encouraged to avail themselves of practice and instruction through the math center. Skills are developed and nourished in a supportive environment. Students at Hartman Women's College finally “get math.” For those with advanced skills who wish to follow a journey through advanced and challenging topics in mathematics, this is your place of wonder!

Writing Center

Tutorials through the Writing Center include idea development, research methods, structural organization for a scholarly paper, grammatical instruction, and citation styles.

Please sign up 24 hours in advance of your appointment to ensure availability. Email papers longer than 2 pages at least 24 hours in advance to the instructor with whom you are meeting. Always bring a hard copy of your work with you. Leave your phone number for confirmation. Please follow the double slot policy: You may only sign up for 1 half-hour time slot per day.

Bari Fleischer 
Coordinator of Student Services
(773) 973-0241


Ms. Sarah Burnstein
Assistant Librarian / Writing Center Instructor
(773)-973-0241 ext. 3119

Limudei Kodesh

Tutorials through the Limudei Kodesh Center include help with Ivrit, Chumash and mefarshim. Students are encouraged to broaden and deepen their learning to inspire every aspect of their lives.

Mrs. Sara Olstein
Professor of Bible and Ivrit
(773) 973-0241 ext. 3107