Tuition & Fees

Hartman Women's College is committed to provide a powerful and efficient educational experience. Our students graduate from Hartman Women's College prepared to enter top-tier graduate schools and professions, without the burden of heavy student debt.

Below you’ll find your program’s tuition & fees. Your tuition accounts and the College’s receivables are maintained by the Office of the Bursar. This includes reviewing charges and payments, issuing refunds, collection activities, and providing support and guidance to create a seamless experience for our students. We’re here to help you! If you have any questions, please email or call (224) 406-8924.

Important information and links:

  • Students are responsible for tuition and fees each semester.
  • You will not be sent a bill! Learn how to access your account activity and pay your bill on the "How to make a payment" page.
  • Review the refund policy prior to dropping or withdrawing from a course.
  • Your financial aid can impact your tuition refund. Enroll in direct deposit and receive your refund faster.

You can calculate costs and financial aid with our net price calculator. Students are responsible for ensuring that all their accounts are paid on time and in full.

2024-2025 Tuition and Fees

Per Semester (12-18 credits)*


Per Credit (1-11; 19+)


Per Credit (Audit)


Administrative Fee (per semester)


Activity Fee (fall & spring semester only)


Lab Fee (per course)


Residence Facility Charge** (fall & spring semester)


Residence Facility Charge** (summer semester)


* Does not include elective independent study credits.

** Rates for residence facility charges do not include non-school periods

The Touro University Board of Trustees reserves the right to change the fee schedule without prior written notice.

Cost of Attendance

Along with tuition, students should estimate the overall cost of completing an academic year - or the Cost of Attendance (COA) - in your program.

The COA – or student budget – not only lets you see the big picture costs of your degree, but also serves to determine your financial needs and the amount of aid (federal loans and scholarships) for which you may qualify.

COA includes:

  • Direct costs expenses that are paid directly to the University, such as tuition, fees, and on-campus housing and food.
  • Indirect costs expenses not paid directly to the University, such as off-campus housing and food, transportation, personal expenses, books, and supplies.

Your COA, and subsequent financial aid eligibility, is determined and calculated based on the academic year (semesters you are enrolled in classes).

Estimated Cost of Attendance, 2024-2025

While not specific to your circumstance, consider the information below as a sample Cost of Attendance for your program. *

Full-Time 12-18 credits (Fall and Spring semesters 9 Months)





Total Annual Tuition & Fees




Living Expenses (Off-Campus)






Books & Supplies


Loan Origination Fee


Computer Allowance


Total Estimated Indirect Costs




Total Estimated Annual COA


* Indirect Costs reflect average surveyed costs for housing, food, transportation, personal, and miscellaneous expenses. Your individual costs may be higher or lower especially when considering costs for housing.

**The information in the charts above is for illustration purposes only and may not reflect the actual costs a student may incur as a student. Tuition and fees are subject to change annually. The Touro College Board of Trustees reserves the right to change the tuition and fee schedule without prior written notice.