Health Sciences

A bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences allows for employment in Lab Sciences and other technical positions in health care. Through the Hartman Women's College, you can complete the courses necessary for careers in Medicine, Dentistry, and the Allied Health professions, and truly make a difference.

Many professions in the Health Sciences require the completion of a graduate program, the admission to which is predicated on successful completion of rigorous curricula of specific pre-requisite courses. Hartman students have been accepted to graduate programs at Northwestern University, Rush University, UIC, Loyola University, Maryland University, Midwestern University, North Park University, and Touro College and University System graduate schools, among others.

A Cooperative Relationship with Midwestern University offers eligible graduates a smooth transition into their graduate programs in Clinical Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy and Speech and Communication Disorders. A warm relationship with Rush University and DePaul University enables excellent communication to encourage acceptance of qualified Hartman Women's College students into their programs.

Program Chair

Dr. Laurie Erickson
Laurie Erickson, Ph.D.
Health Sciences Chair
Explore the inner workings of the human body and the natural world. Prepare yourself for one of the many careers in medicine and medical research.

General Education Requirements

Students must complete HTC’s General Education Requirements as listed in the catalog.

Major Requirements

A minimum of 120 semester hours is required for all students who graduate from Hebrew Theological College with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Residence Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 25 semester hours in natural sciences in residence.

General Health Sciences Major Coursework

The following 36 semester hours constitute the core curriculum for an additional major in health sciences.

Requirement Credits
MATH 272 - Statistical Analysis 3
NSCH 160 - Physics I (w/lab) 4
NSCH 170 - General Chemistry I (w/lab) 4
NSCH 180 - General Biology I (w/lab) 4
NSCH 201 - Anatomy & Physiology I (w/lab) 4
NSCH 202 - Anatomy & Physiology II (w/lab) 4
NSCH 463 - Molecular Biology and Genetics 4
PHIH 323  - Jewish Bioethics 3
PSYH 101 - General Psychology 3
PSYH 217  - Developmental Psychology 3

Concentration in Physician Assistant (additional 22 credit hours)

Requirement Credits
NSCH 181 - General Biology II (w/lab) 4
NSCH 270 - General Chemistry II (w/lab) 4
NSCH 275 - Organic Chemistry I (w/lab) 4
NSCH 252  - Medical Terminology 3
NSCH 330 - Biochemistry 3
NSCH 361 - Microbiology (w/lab) 4

Concentration in Physical Therapy (additional 10 credit hours)

Requirement Credits
NSCH 261 - Physics II (w/lab) 4
NSCH 252 - Medical Terminology 3
PSYH 317 - Abnormal Psychology 3

Concentration in Nursing

The following courses are required for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree through HTC’s Cooperative Program with North Park University. No less than 30 credits must be completed in residence to be eligible for this program, including ENGL 211 and PHIL 323.

Requirement Credits
ENGH 111 - Composition: Critical Analysis and Research 3
ENGH 211 - Advanced Composition: Writing Across the Disciplines 3
MATH 203 - College Algebra 3
MATH 272 - Statistical Analysis 3
NSCH 155 - Essentials of Nutrition 3
NSCH 170 - General Chemistry I (w/lab) 4
NSCH 180 - General Biology I (w/lab) 4
NSCH 201 - Anatomy & Physiology I (w/lab) 4
NSCH 202 - Anatomy & Physiology II (w/lab) 4
NSCH 240 - Principles of Organic Chemistry (w/lab) 4
NSCH 361 - Microbiology (w/lab) 4
PHIH 323 - Jewish Bioethics 3
PSYH 101 - General Psychology 3
PSYH 217 - Developmental Psychology 3
SOCH 101 - Introduction to Sociology 3
Non-Western History course (1) 3
Course in ARTH, Oral Interpretation of Literature, or Literature (1) 3

These courses are also generally required for admission to other nursing schools both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. For admission to the NPU School of Nursing, applicants must also complete at least 8 credit hours of Bible/religious studies courses at HTC and have at least 8 credit hours in Hebrew coursework or pass the HTC Hebrew Competency Exam at Level I and II. Students who earn at least a 70% on the Biblical and Modern Hebrew Placement Tests are exempt from this requirement.

Summative Assessment

NSCH 463 Molecular Biology and Genetics serves as the capstone course that builds on the knowledge and skills attained throughout the curriculum.

The College definitely has a strong sense of faculty wanting students to succeed. This is really felt by all students in the program. I am pursuing graduate studies at Rush University and feel that I have been thoroughly prepared. D. Kranczer (class of 2020)