The Accounting Department offers you practical tools to succeed in this ever-developing field. The coursework features thorough studies in Financial and Managerial Accounting, Auditing and Tax Law, and Governmental and Non-Profit Taxation. Several new courses include Crypto-Currency and Forensic Accounting.

You can also pursue Hartman Women's College's popular CPA track, expertly preparing you to meet the Illinois Board of Examiners’ requirements for the CPA examinations. All students are encouraged and supported to find high-powered internships through connections made with Hartman Women's College faculty and the College’s large professional network. 

Program Chair

Rabbi Seymour Wechsler
Rabbi Seymour Wechsler, CPA
Accounting is the language of business. Our students learn to speak it fluently and many move on to become CPAs.

General Education Requirements

Students must complete Hartman’s General Education Requirements as listed in the catalog.

Additional Requirements

  1. BUSH 213 Business Communications: Clarity and Persuasion. This course satisfies the CPA exam requirement for the equivalent of 2 credit hours of business communication. This course must be taken in residence.
  2. BUSH 272 preceded by MATH 203 which satisfies the LAS mathematics requirement. A student who lacks the appropriate background must take the needed prerequisites before enrolling in these courses.
  3. BUSH 322 Case Studies in Jewish Business Ethics (3 semester hours), which may be used to partially satisfy the AHS Philosophy requirement. This course must be taken in residence.
  4. BUSH 215 Macroeconomics or BUSH 217 Microeconomics may be used to satisfy the LAS requirement in Behavioral and Social Sciences.

Accounting Coursework

In addition to the Judaic Studies and General Education requirements listed above, the Accounting and Business coursework for the additional major in Accounting consists of 36 semester hours as outlined below. If you are pursuing eligibility for the CPA examination, you have additional credit requirements. You must complete at least 30 semester hours of Accounting, and at least 24 semester hours in Business courses or substantially equivalent, other than Accounting courses. In addition, the 30 semester hours of Accounting coursework must include at least one course each in Financial Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, and Managerial Accounting, and must also include the equivalent of 2 semester hours each of Accounting Research & Analysis and Business Communications, and the equivalent of 3 semester hours in Business Ethics and have a total of 150 hours in the BA program.

Requirement Credits
ACCH 201 - Principles of Financial Accounting 3
ACCH 202 - Principles of Managerial Accounting 3
ACCH 211- Financial Accounting II 3
BUSH 215 - Macroeconomics or BUSN 217 Microeconomics 3
BUSH 250- Business Law 3
ACCH 253 - Intermediate Financial Accounting I* 3
ACCH 254- Intermediate Financial Accounting II* 3
ACCH 263 - Accounting Information Systems 3
BUSH 341 - Business Finance* 3
ACCH 343 - Tax Law* 3
ACCH 353 - Advanced Financial Accounting* 3
ACCH 363 - Auditing* 3

* Must be taken in residence.

Summative Assessment

ACCT 363 Auditing serves as the capstone course that builds on the knowledge and skills attained throughout the curriculum.

I was completely prepared to sit for the CPA examination. My internship at Marcum LLP was amazing and led to a job offer! Z. Reischer (class of 2020)