HTC offers students who want to continue their Talmud studies in an academic setting the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor’s degree focused on Talmud. You can maximize your learning and growth in a warm, nurturing Torah environment. The Talmud major is an excellent undergraduate degree for students interested in pursuing semicha after their undergraduate degree.

You'll learn under renowned talmidei chachamim in a dynamic beis midrash and from accomplished undergraduate and graduate faculty, supportive of the values of a ben Torah. You'll gain practical classroom experience as part of the graduate program and we offer active placement services once you graduate.

Program Chair

Rabbi Moshe Revah
Rabbi Moshe Revah
Interim Talmud Chair
We engage our talmidim in rigorous gemara learning, with in-depth analysis of the rishonim and achronim. The intimate nature of the program allows us to meet each talmid where he is at and take his learning to the next level in a college environment.

Judaic Studies Core – 36 credits

Requirement Credits
TALH - Talmud 16
BIBH - Bible 6
HISH - History 6
PHIH 127/128 - Philosophy 5
HEBH - Hebrew* 6

*If you earn a 70% or above in each of the sections of Biblical and Modern Hebrew on the HTC Entrance Exams, you are exempt from the Hebrew requirement. If you have lower scores on each or both you will be required to complete a total of 6 credits of Hebrew to address the deficiency, as determined by further oral and written testing.

Major Requirement:

59 transfer credits. These credits can be in any subject (Talmud or otherwise) and can be transferred from study in Israel, APs, other colleges, and other yeshivas.

Students majoring in Talmud must be enrolled (non-audit) in a 4-credit Talmud course.