HTC’s Men’s Division has a Beis Midrash Program with an intensive Talmud focus and a Flex College Program that offers college classes in a religious environment with Judaic Studies requirements. Both programs lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree, which requires a minimum 120 credits to graduate. Included in those 120 credits are the liberal arts & sciences core requirements, the Hebrew studies core requirements and the courses required within each major.

In both the Beis Midrash Program, and the Flex Program you can earn a college degree with

  • An academic calendar that supports religiously observant lifestyle
  • Close-knit program with rebbeim and teachers who get it!
  • Eligible transfer credits accepted from Yeshivas in US and Israel
  • Federal and state financial aid for eligible students
  • HTC scholarships available

Core Requirements

The following table represents the general education requirements for students enrolled at the Men’s Division. All requirements must be fulfilled on campus. All fulltime students must be enrolled (non-audit) in a 4-credit Talmud course. (Students in the Flex Program are exempt from this requirement.)

Judaic Studies Core Requirements:

Requirement Credits
Bible* 6
Jewish History* 6
Jewish Philosophy (including PHIH 127 or PHIH 128)* 6
Biblical Hebrew** 3

*Courses must be completed in residence

**A score of at least 70% on either of the HTC Hebrew Entrance Exams reduces this requirement by 3 credits per test. (No credit is awarded for the exams, only exemption from the requirement.)

Liberal Arts & Sciences Core Requirements:

Requirement Credits
Behavioral/Social Sciences 3
English Composition (ENGH 111 and ENGH 211)* 6
Literature 3
Western Civilizations 3
Mathematics (MATH 203 or higher) 3
Health Sciences (with lab) 4
Modern Hebrew (foreign language)** 3

*Core requirements in English Composition and Mathematics must be fulfilled within the first year of attendance.

**A score of at least 70% on either of the HTC Hebrew Entrance Exams reduces this requirement by 3 credits per test. (No credit is awarded for the exams, only exemption from the requirement.)

You will need a minimum of 120 total credits to graduate with a bachelor's degree.


Beis Midrash Program

In our Beis Midrash Program you will be on campus all day and the daily schedule includes morning seder, shiurim, second seder and college classes. Students in this program major in Talmud, and are encouraged to add a second major in accounting, business, e-commerce, marketing, or psychology.

Flex Program

Students in our Flex Program can enroll in classes during the afternoon and evenings in a religious environment, supported by a Jewish-accommodating calendar. 

Flex Program students may major in Accounting, Business, Interdisciplinary Judaic Studies, Marketing, E-commerce, and Psychology, but not in Talmud.


  • On-campus college courses offered in afternoon and evening beginning at 4:00 PM
  • Additional online course offerings available to provide further flexibility

Program & Majors

We offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in six areas. Only Beis Midrash Program students can major in Talmud. Flex college students must select from the other five.

HTC maintains partnerships with other universities and students should meet with the department chair, dean, or faculty advisor to discuss career goals, pathways, and the courses they need to take to get there.

Talmud (for Beis Midrash Program students only)
E-Commerce and Web-Based Business

Pathway Programs

Touro Pathway

As members of the Touro College and University System, HTC students receive preferred placement into Touro graduate programs and are encouraged to continue their professional and graduate education at Touro graduate school. View the full list of Touro graduate & professional schools.

Business (MBA)

HTC is proud to partner with Loyola University’s Quinlan School of Business which offers an accelerated BA program for qualified students in HTC’s Beis Midrash and Flex programs, offering a pathway into Loyola University’s Master of Business Administration Program. This accelerated program can be completed in just 2½ years of post-Israel study! Qualified students will receive a GMAT/GRE waiver and can take up to two courses at HTC to count for the one-year Loyola MBA coursework. Quinlan’s one-year MBA program will equip you with a solid foundation in business disciplines and jumpstart your career a variety of business disciplines.

Students enrolled in the yeshiva and college track will be eligible for our accelerated BA to gain acceptance into Quinlan's Next Generation MBA. Students in the FLEX college program are also eligible, but at a slower pace. 

Dual Enrollment

For eligible high school juniors and seniors enrolled at the Fasman Yeshiva High School, HTC offers dual credit options that fulfill students’ high school requirements and provide undergraduate coursework. These courses are taught by credentialed HTC instructors and follow syllabi authorized by HTC’s Faculty Senate’s Curriculum Committee.

Students enrolled in dual credit courses can matriculate in HTC with advanced credit standing or request a transcript to use at their discretion.

Yeshiva Honors Program

Hebrew Theological College's Yeshiva Honors Program is intended for committed students who qualify for a robust and serious Gemara program, while pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree at HTC. Students admitted into the Yeshiva Honors Program will receive a very generous academic scholarship for the Fall and Spring semesters.


For more information, please contact Rabbi Joshua Zisook, Director of Admissions at