A marketing degree prepares you for advanced roles in a range of industries, from banking and finance, to entertainment, sports, fashion, music, and more. By developing your abilities to reach consumers and drive results, a bachelor's in marketing degree from HTC will give you a distinct advantage upon graduation. This program helps you gain a broad-based business background with an emphasis on real-world marketing applications.

Essential subjects are covered, including advertising, public relations, market research, and identifying consumer market behavior. You will learn to implement effective marketing strategies that play a direct role in business decision-making. Use your degree to become a market research analyst, advertising manager, brand manager, social media marketer, and more.

Program Chair

Paul Pinkus
Paul Pinkus, CPA
In today’s continuously evolving world of commerce, new products and services are launched daily with winners and losers. Often the difference hinges on effective marketing and our students learn to make a difference.

General Education Requirements

Students must complete HTC’s General Education Requirements as listed in the school catalog.

Business Major Required Courses

The Business coursework for the additional major in Business consists of 42 semester hours as outlined below. Three of the 300-level courses must be completed in residence.

Requirement Credits
ACCH 201 - Principles of Financial Accounting 3
ACCH 202 - Principles of Managerial Accounting 3
BUSH 213 - Business Communication*** 3
BUSH 215 - Macroeconomics 3
BUSH 217 - Microeconomics 3
BUSH 250 - Business Law 3
BUSH/MATH 272 - Statistical Analysis*** 3
BUSH 301 - Management of Personnel and Organizations 3
BUSH 306 - Business Data Analysis 3
BUSH 311 - Principles of Marketing 3
BUSH/PHIH 322 (or 332) - Case Studies in Jewish Business Ethics*** 3
BUSH 341 - Business Finance 3
BUSH 361 - Ecommerce 3
BUSH 385 - Business Policy and Strategic Management*** 3

*** Must be taken at HTC. Transfer credits are not accepted for these courses.

Marketing Major Requirement

Students declared for the Marketing Major must fulfill the above Business core coursework except for Business Law and Management of Personnel and Organizations; and may choose to fulfill either Microeconomics or Macroeconomics. Additional coursework for this major includes:

Requirement Credits
BUSH 316 - Public Relations 3
BUSH 317 - Healthcare Marketing 3
BUSH 318 - Consumer Market Behavior 3
BUSH 320 - Advertising 3
BUSH 321 - Marketing Research 3