General Studies

Fasman Yeshiva High School (FYHS) offers unparalleled academics needed for a successful career. We design the General Studies curricula to prepare you to become the leaders in your community and profession.

With our small classes, you’ll receive individualized instruction and develop relationships with your teachers. Our expert faculty provide you with a hands-on education that extends beyond textbooks. The skills that you gain will carry you along your educational journey.


The General Studies curriculum prepares our boys for entrance into leading universities, wherever they may be located. As a student at FYHS you will develop an understanding of these essential subjects.


A mastery of reading comprehension, critical analysis, and fluency in oral and written communication. All are vital skills in the professional workplace. You will learn that good writing is required across the board, no matter the subject matter. From writing a social studies report to a scientific proof, having a firm grasp of these skills will lead to success.


Math is more than numbers and symbols. As a mathematics student, you'll develop techniques for problem-solving, learning how applied mathematics can solve real-world issues. Knowledge of mathematics, and its complexities, can help in almost every career.


An understanding of national and global history can provide crucial insight on current and future events. We aim to assist our boys in becoming informed citizens by giving them perspective from the past. The History curriculum will examine materials and evidence from antiquity that have shaped who we are today.


The sciences are all around us as well as inside of us. They explain the workings of our physical, chemical and biological world. But they also inspire creativity and analytical thinking - two of the most influential qualities you'll gain as a science student at FYHS.

General Studies Course Tracks

  • Algebra - Standard/Honors/
  • Algebra 2 - Standard
  • Anatomy & Physiology (Elective) - Honors
  • Biology - Standard/Honors/Advanced Placement
  • Business Math - Standard
  • Computer Applications - Standard
  • Chemistry - Standard/Honors/Advanced Placement
  • Economics (Elective) - Standard
  • English - Standard/Honors/Advanced Placement
  • Humanities: Art & Music Appreciation, Drama, Speech - Standard
  • Geometry - Standard/Honors/Telescopic
  • Linear Algebra - Honors
  • Physics - Standard/ Honors/ Advanced Placement
  • Pre-Calculus, Calculus - Honors/Advanced Placement
  • S. Government & Politics - Advanced Placement
  • S. History - Standard/Accelerated Honors/Advanced Placement
  • World History - Standard/ Advanced Placement

College Preparation

Multi-Level and AP Courses

Enrolling in multi-level and AP courses will challenge you to go above and beyond. For upper classmen, choose from a variety of AP subject matter, including:

  • Biology
  • Calculus AB & BC
  • Chemistry
  • English Literature & Composition
  • Human Geography
  • S. Govt. & Politics
  • S. History

STEM and Dual Enrollment

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program (STEM) allows you to take part in a two year program in 11th and 12th grades. This curriculum combines the four subjects in an applied manner, using real-world applications.

Upper classmen can also enroll in dual enrollment college courses at HTC/TOURO to help jump start their college education.

ACT Testing

An essential step along the path to college is ACT testing. 11th grade students enroll in our preparatory ACT course which provides strategies and skills to pass the test. We offer the ACT Plus Writing exam on campus and we'll be with you every step of the way.

College Guidance

Receive expert help with completing applications for college and receive individual career guidance. Using Xello, an online career cruising program, you'll be ready in no time for the next step of your educational future.

Learning Accommodations

We strive to provide every student with equal access to learning. We work to remove barriers within the classroom for students who need accommodations, so that they learn the same material as their peers. At FYHS, our staff help students with accommodated learning, tutoring and executive functioning. We also assists in getting students formal accommodations for completing standardized testing.