Rabbi Avraham Friedman

Rosh HaYeshiva Emeritus, Beis Midrash and Men’s College

In 2008, Rabbi Avraham Friedman (FYHS ‘65) was appointed Rosh Ha-Yeshiva of Hebrew Theological College, where he has served and taught for more than thirty years.  As a student in HTC, Rabbi Friedman studied under a number of excellent scholars, most notably Rabbis Yaakov Perlow and Ahron Soloveichik. Rabbi Friedman received rabbinic ordination from Rabbis Zalman Nechemia Goldberg and Bezalel Zolty in Israel. He also studied at Mosad Ha-Rav Kook and in the Mirrer Yeshiva under the guidance of Rabbis Chaim Shmuelevitz and Nochum Partzovitch. Before returning to HTC as a teacher and leader, Rabbi Friedman served as a faculty member of the Massachusetts Torah Institute in Boston, YULA in Los Angeles and Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh in Israel.

Rabbi Friedman is the author of many works on the Talmud and its commentaries.