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  • Names, Not Numbers - Exclusive Drive-In Premier Screening - Click here to watch
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  • HTC launches new BA-MBA Pathway with Quinlan School of Business - Loyola Unversity Chicago Click here 
  • HTC holds 97th Anniversary Dinner - Click here


Daily Audio

  • Rabbi Avraham Friedman


    Rosh HaYeshiva of Hebrew Theological College - Beis Midrash LaTorah
    Rabbi Avraham Friedman, our Rosh HaYeshiva, is himself a talmid of HTC. For decades students of all ages and levels have been captivated by his penetrating derech ha’limud, motivated by his boundless enthusiasm, and touched by his warmth and caring. Rabbi Friedman’s shiurim delving into sugyos in shas and his shmuezin expounding on proper hashkofas hachaim, reflect his years of close contact with Gedolai Yisroel.

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