Biblical Scholar Badges & Micro-Credential

Advance your Torah knowledge with Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials from the Hebrew Theological College.

Biblical Studies Digital Badges

A digital badge is a graphical representation of a skill, achievement, or certification that you have earned by completing a specific learning experience or training program. Unlike traditional certificates or diplomas, digital badges are interactive and contain metadata, such as the issuing institution, date earned, and criteria required to earn the badge. This metadata helps to verify the authenticity of the badge and the skills it represents. Digital badges can be shared on social media, email signatures, or online portfolios, making them a convenient and accessible way to showcase your skills and accomplishments to potential employers or peers. Additionally, some digital badges can be used as credit toward a degree or other educational program, providing a flexible and convenient way to advance your education and career. Overall, digital badges offer a portable and verifiable way to demonstrate your skills and achievements to the world.

When enrolled in the Biblical Studies Digital Badge you will cover significant sections of a different book of Tanach each semester. As you complete each badge, you will:

  • gain proficiency in Biblical Hebrew reading and translation;
  • demonstrate skills in reading Rashi and Ramban;
  • find the specific questions that are being addressed by the commentary writings;
  • share knowledge of the historical and political background of the specific Biblical text under study; and
  • present an informed discussion of the homiletic meaning of the text.

A Biblical Studies digital badge is awarded upon completion of each BIBH 104: Introduction to Biblical Analysis (1 credit) class you take. Each semester we focus on a different section of the Torah, so you can take BIBH 104 many times and cover different material, earning a digital badge with each class.

Biblical Scholar Micro-Credential

The Biblical Scholar Micro-Credential is automatically awarded upon completion of six Biblical Studies digital badges. You can be awarded multiple Biblical Scholar Micro-Credentials.

For more information or to enroll in these badges, please contact Mrs. Rita Lipshitz,