Student Life

Committed, involved students create a vibrant, happy campus.

Students at Blitstein Institute are enthusiastic learners with a passionate commitment to their Torah learning, academic advancement and service to their community. These young women create and participate in stimulating and enriching student activities, inspiring Shabbatonim, and a social dormitory life.

Throughout the year, Blitstein Institute’s student government schedules compelling and exciting programming on campus including Shiurim with leading Rabbanim and Rebbetzins from the community or visiting scholars, Rosh Chodesh luncheons, Purim and Chanukah Chagigas, and special programming. The Honors Program publishes the student-authored literary journal, Apogee, each year.

Vibrant Campus

Our campus is nestled in West Rogers Park, the heart of the Orthodox community. This prime location makes it easily accessible to shuls, homes for Shabbos meals, restaurants and local shopping.  In addition, the campus is a 20 minute ride to Chicago’s beautiful downtown area, so students have easy access to the cosmopolitan experiences Chicago is known for. Such as visiting Navy Pier, fascinating museums, and shopping on beautiful Michigan Avenue.

Our library, which holds numerous volumes of books and sefarim, and accesses many more online, is ideal for some quiet study time; while it acts as a homey and comfortable area for small study groups, socializing, and enjoying school-sponsored Rosh Chodesh lunches.

Students hailing from across the country and countries such as South Africa, Israel, England, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico enjoy residing in beautiful Student Residence apartments replete with a student-exclusive exercise room and lounge. Dorming students build close friendships that last a lifetime.

You are welcome to schedule a visit to the Blitstein Institute to meet with the Menahel Ruchani and Administration and staff. You can visit the classes and the dormitory. Contact Mrs. Rita Lipshitz at for more information.

Student Activities & Organizations

  • Student Government - The student government at Blitstein Institute is led by outstanding members of the student body. These students gain important leadership experience by creating, organizing, marketing and implementing programs.
  • Melave Malkas - Feature inspiring speakers from the community, across the country and Israel. Good food and good fun.
  • Motzei Shabbos Halacha Shiur Series - Throughout the winter months, by leading community Rabbanim, for post-seminary young women.
  • The Samuel T. and Sara W. Cohen High Tea and Torah Lecture Series - For students and women of the community, given by the Blitstein Institute deans.
  • Holocaust Studies Programming - In conjunction with Yad Vashem International School of Holocaust Studies and the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center
  • Honors Society Symposia in the Advanced Sciences
  • Yomim Noraim Lecture Series
  • Honors Society Torah Lectures
  • Apogee Literary Journal Publication
  • Coding Boot Camps
  • Shavuot Night of Learning
  • Genetic Testing Drive
  • Political Registration Drives
  • CPR Training
  • Book Club
  • International PI Day Lecture on Advanced Mathematics
  • Shabbatons
  • Chanukah and Purim Chagigot, L’ag Ba’Omer Barbecue, Rosh Chodesh Lunches for Students, Day and Comfort Lunches during Finals Week.
  • Wendella Boat Tours of Chicago and Double Decker Bus Tours
  • Midwest Alpine Ski trip, Pottery-Making, International Game Night, and Ice Skating
  • Participation in National “Nerd Camp” for Education Students
  • Trips to Springfield Illinois for Participation in Illinois Board of Education Legislation