Yeshivas Hakayitz Summer Camp Kayitz Adventure Trip
Kayitz Adventure Trip

KAT 2020 Dates: August 16th through the 20th

Open to boys who are currently in 7th grade through 10th grade



Kayitz Adventure Trip 2020 is a five-day, non-stop action, summer adventure to the west coast of Michigan. Our home base is Camp Ao-Wa-Kiya, located on Stony Lake, and less than two miles off Lake Michigan (which we canoe to). This state-of-the-art facility is simply beautiful. We will be spending five days there. Water activities include: tubing, skiing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, SUP, an inflatable volleyball court, and an inflatable obstacle course. The camp also offers a zip-line, high ropes course, climbing wall, human foosball, and several target sports.

Although we could fill each day just with activities at Ao-Wa-Kiya, we will be taking daily excursions to many nearby adventures in the world famous Silver Lake Sand Dunes area and along Lake Michigan including: Macwoods Dune Jeep Tours, sand boarding, dune hikes, Silver Lake boating, beach bon-fires, and horseback riding. Add to this, the mentorship of our counselors, and our focus on inspiring shiurim, and you will understand why KAT is the adventure trip that your son will never forget!

We have kept the cost down as much as possible. The all-inclusive fee is $730.00. If you are enrolling your son in BOTH Yeshivas HaKayitz AND KAT AND are applying to Federation for financial assistance OR the PJ Goes To Camp grant, we will apply 20% of the amount granted to KAT.

In order to take advantage of this offer, please make sure that the additional $730.00 KAT amount is reflected in “camp tuition fee” when completing the financial aid application from Federation. Your son will be attending 5 weeks of camp with a total fee of $3,275.

Whether you are enrolling your son in BOTH Yeshivas HaKayitz AND KAT OR enrolling in KAT ALONE, we offer a $50 early bird reduction in the KAT fee. To receive this discounted $680.00 fee, you must apply before Dec.1st.

Applying for KAT is easy. If you have not yet enrolled your son in Yeshivas HaKayitz, please follow these directions:

Using the online application, you will have the choice to add KAT to your son’s Kayitz enrollment OR, if your son is not attending Yeshivas HaKayitz this summer, you just choose KAT ONLY as your enrollment option. You will be asked to pay a $200 deposit by credit card. The charge will not take place until your enrollment process is completed and your son has been accepted into the program. The policies regarding payment, cancellations, and refunds that apply to Yeshivas HaKayitz will apply to KAT and are stated in the application.


Parent and Camper Important Information

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE: KAT participants should arrive HTC Sunday August 16th by 9:00 am. We plan a 9:30 departure. We are scheduled to arrive back at HTC on August 20th around 9:00pm.

Cell Phones: Campers will be permitted to possess a cell phone during the trip. However, the use of the cell phone will be restricted to when we are out of Camp Ao-Wa-Kiya on an adventure. Counselors will collect phones when we return.

BEDDING: Each camper should bring his own pillow and choose between sheets and blanket bedding or a sleeping bag.

SUGGESTED CLOTHING AND MISCELLANEOUS LIST: Please make sure that all clothing, regardless of whether it will be laundered or not, is labeled with a permanent marker. We are only going for 5 day so don’t over pack. Here are what you should bring: athletic socks / underwear and undershirts /extra yarmulke and tallis koton / long pants, short pants / Tee shirts or Polos/ pajamas / face towels/ 2 bath or beach towel/ bathing trunks/ pair sneakers /bath robe/ pair waterproof footwear with heel/ soap/toothbrush and toothpaste /shampoo/ flashlight / tefillin and siddur (Cell phone with siddur app is not sufficient) /sunscreen and insect repellent/plastic rain poncho. Any special medicine or medical supplies that you will need. 



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