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Josh Zisook

Fasman Yeshiva High School Dedicates High School Beis Midrash  - See below for videos

Restoring the Grandeur to our Campus!  

Mr. Shalom MenoraOn Sunday, February 1st, Fasman Yeshiva High School, the preparatory division of Hebrew Theological College in Skokie IL, held a Chanukas Habayis to celebrate the completion of the first phase of the FYHS Beis Midrash remodeling project. Rabbeim, students and community members were in attendance for the joyous dedication that took place immediately following davening. The FYHS Beis Midrash is now furnished with a new Aron Kodesh, seforim, tables, chairs, bookcases, creating a beautifully renovated room for davening & learning. The Chanukas Habayis began with remarks by Rabbi Shmuel L. Schuman, 9th grade Rebbe and CEO, and divrei chizuk from Rabbi Avraham Friedman, Rosh HaYeshiva. The students also heard heartfelt words from Mr. Shalom Menora and Mr. Eric Rothner.

In Rabbi Schuman's remarks students heard how this remodeling project came into being. Rabbi Schuman noted that when the high school enrollment grew in the late 1990's, the high school moved into the under-utilized Handlesman Memorial Hall for davening and learning. Since that time the High School Beis Midrash was in need of improvement: the Aron Kodesh was in terrible condition, the chairs and tables were mismatched, and the entire space was in disrepair. 
In late June 2014, with the help of Rabbi Pinchas Eichenstein, Rabbi Heshy Weingarten and Rabbi Aryeh Bassman, HTC received a donation of a beautiful Aron Kodesh and bookcases from Khal Ohr Yisochor Chodorov, which was undergoing their own renovation. This was the catalyst to the next series of events in the renovation story.

After a visit to the Yeshiva, Mr. Eric Rothner saw the need for upgrades to our facilities and in particular the High School Beis Midrash. Mr. Rothner wanted to change this room into a beautiful place for Torah and Tefilla, continuing the work of Mr. Rothner's dear friend, Mr. Moshe Menora, a"h, who dedicated his time and resources to beautifying the Yeshiva. After his untimely passing, the work that Mr. Menora, a"h, had started was yet to be completed. Mr. Rothner turned to Moshe's son, Mr. Shalom Menora - an alumnus of the high school and former parent - to partner with him to continue what his father had started. Shalom eagerly agreed to join in this project and donated a large sum to get the project going. 
And it didn't end there. Since this transformation began, others have followed suit to dedicate seforim, tables, and bookcases in memory or in honor of loved ones. HTC is indebted to Mr. Rothner and Mr. Menora for their continuous support and dedication to our Yeshiva. HTC also extends a tremendous thanks to the Atkin family for building a brand new set of bookcases which further enhances the Beis Midrash.
Rabbi Micah Greenland for web

On Motza'ei Shabbos, January 31st, Hebrew Theological College in Skokie, Illinois, hosted its 34th Annual Melave Malka in the Lavin Dining Hall. Nearly 300 guests enjoyed a sumptuous fleishig buffet to benefit HTC's Samuel & Nina Bellows Kollel as they listened to a musical performance by Listen Up! a cappella. During the evening Rabbi Shmuel L. Schuman, CEO of HTC, presented the Rabbi Herman Davis Memorial Scholarships to two most deserving Beis Midrash and College students Noach Blechner from Boston, Massachusetts, and Joey Seif from Miami Beach, Florida.

The highlight of the evening was the keynote address by Rabbi Micah Greenland, International Director of NCSY. Rabbi Greenland's topic was, "Inspired Teens, Inspired Adults, Inspired Community." Rabbi Greenland spoke about an innovative four step process to transmit our commitment to the next generation. This process requires us to have a clear vision of a values based culture, create a long term perspective, develop an entrepreneurial spirit and constantly innovate. If we as parents can model good habits based on Torah values, we in turn can inspire genuine relationships with Hashem. For more information about HTC programming, please visit or call (847) 982-2500.

Academic Calendar-Spring 2015

February 2, 2015—First day of Spring 2015 Semester

March 4-5, 2015—Purim (no assignments due)

April 1-12, 2015—Pesach (no assignments due)

May 23-25, 2015—Shavous (no assignments due)

June 12, 2015—Last day of Spring 2015 Semester

  Below please find the required texts for Spring 2015


Biblical Heroes and Heroines

Instructor: Rabbi Dr. Hertzel Yitzhak

No required outside text, all materials will be provided by the instructor


Jews in American History

  Instructor: Mrs. Alissa Zeffren

  1. American Judaism, Jonathan D. Sarna, Yale University Press, 2004. (ISBN-10: 030010197X)
  2. The American Jewish Experience, Jonathan D. Sarna, Holmes & Meier, 1997. (ISBN-10: 0841913765)


The Land of Israel in the Halacha

Instructor: Rabbi Dov Karoll

No required outside text, all materials will be provided by the instructor

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