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Josh Zisook

Hebrew Theological College Holds Shloshim Memorial for Rabbi Dr. Abraham Lipshitz, zt"l

Paying Tribute to Our Longtime Rebbe and Educator, Renowned for His
Erudition and Scholarship

On Tuesday, February 21st, Hebrew Theological College held a Shloshim Memorial to pay tribute to Rabbi Dr. Abraham Lipshitz, zt"l, a long time Yeshiva Rebbe and educator. Dr. Lipshitz was known for his brilliance and taught hundreds of students in the subjects of TaNach and Hebrew Language for nearly 50 years. Click here to watch replay

The Shloshim Memorial was attended by close family, friends, Yeshiva students and community members, who came to pay tribute to their Rebbe and teacher. The program included remarks from Rabbi Avraham Friedman, Rosh HaYeshiva; Rabbi Dr. Jerold Isenberg, Chancellor Emeritus; Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Goodman, Past Dean of HTC; Mrs. Rosie Nathan, Daughter; Rabbi Leon Lipshitz, Nephew; and Rabbi Michael A. Myers, Past Dean of HTC. In addition, Rabbi Norbert Rosenthal contributed to the program by sharing his feelings and the feelings of his classmates who studied weekly with Dr. Lipshitz for 49 years.

Dr. Lipshitz for webDr. Lipshitz was a native of Lodje, Poland and learned Torah in the Alexander Yeshiva in Lodje and from his father, HaRav Meir Dan Lipshitz, zt"l. Dr. Lipshitz was accepted into the famous Yeshiva Chachmei Lublin, where he was never able to attend due to World War II. After surviving the atrocities of the Holocaust, Dr. Lipshitz immigrated to Chicago and married his wife Hela and had two daughters, Rosie and Annie. While in Chicago, Dr. Lipshitz earned a Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Chicago and a Doctorate in Hebrew Letters from the Jewish University of America of HTC, all while devoting vast amounts of time to Torah study. He authored numerous sefarim and taught hundreds of students throughout his life. Dr. Lipshitz served as a bridge from the Torah and values that were taught in pre-war Europe to today's way of life.

Dr. Lipshitz's life was a constant reminder that we must always strive to grow and accomplish as much as we can. He taught through example that one must always persevere and always stay true to his convictions.

At the end of the program, HTC launched the Rabbi Dr. Abraham Lipshitz Memorial Scholarship Fund to honor and perpetuate the legacy of Dr. Lipshitz, zt"l. Contributions can be made to this fund online by at For more information about this new Memorial Fund or to contribute in his memory, please contact us at (847) 982-2500 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

BQ 16 honoree pics

On Tuesday, December 13th, Beis HaMidrash LaTorah, Hebrew Theological College in Skokie, IL celebrated its 94th Gala. The banquet, which celebrated A Night to Celebrate Tomorrow, held at the Westin O'Hare, drew over 500 alumni, parents and community supporters. This year, HTC payed tribute to three remarkable honorees: Rabbi Michael A. Myers, Marbitz Torah and Master Educator Awardee; Mrs. Naomi Samber, Woman of Valor Awardee; and Rabbi Yeshaya Zimmerman, Distinguished Alumnus Awardee. Each of the honorees is a prime example of a strong commitment to Torah learning, Jewish education and dedication to our Yeshiva for the past 30 years.

New at this year's Gala, the program was greatly enhanced by the presence of Jewish music sensation, Avraham Fried. This musical component added an element of elegance and energetic flair to the evening. R' Avraham sang heartfelt songs to honor each honoree, followed by a number of niggunim during dinner. At the end of the evening, the room danced as R' Avraham led an electrifying kumzitz, attended by close to a hundred HTC and Fasman Yeshiva High School students. In addition to the musical entertainment, guests enjoyed an integrated video program and were treated to an upscale dinner cuisine, followed by a Viennese style dessert buffet.

HTC is grateful to all those who attended and contributed to this year's Gala campaign in support of HTC and its vital programming. Special thank you to Mr. Brian Levinson, Co-Chairman of HTC Board of Governors and Banquet Chairmen Mr. David Aronin and Rabbi Shabsai Wolfe, Co-Chairman of HTC Board of Governors and the entire banquet and ad book committees. In addition, HTC thanks Mr. Mark Hartman for serving as Master of Ceremonies and Mr. Jeremy Amster, member of HTC Board of Governors for his boundless energy to ensure the success of this year's Gala.

HTC looks forward to a bright future as we enter our 95th year and beyond!

Click here to view the 94th Gala Ad Book (interactive version)

Click here to watch the honoree videos and video replay of select parts of the banquet

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To protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects recruited to participate in research activities conducted under the auspices of HTC, all proposed research involving human subjects must first be reviewed by Touro College’s Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects #1 (IRB #1). Touro College’s IRB #1 is registered with the federal Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP) and received approval of its Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) that includes responsibilities associated with HTC on September 30, 2016.

Research involving human subjects for which a principal investigator needs approval from the Touro College IRB #1 generally falls into three types of activity: basic and applied research, whether or not it is externally funded, that is conducted by faculty and other staff members eligible to serve as principal investigators under HTC policy; undergraduate thesis research, whose faculty advisor must serve as a co-principal investigator on the project; and, in some rare cases, research projects undertaken by students as part of instruction. Human subjects include not only non-HTC populations, but also would include use of HTC students or staff, for example when a faculty member seeks to conduct research with students enrolled in a course.

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• The Touro College IRB #1 has the authority to approve, require modifications to, or disapprove all research activities at HTC that fall within its jurisdiction as specified by both federal regulations and College policy. Such research activities include those conducted by faculty investigators as well as by students or staff. The Touro IRB #1 reports a Human Protections Administrator at Touro College and ultimately to the President of the Touro College and University System. Support functions for the IRB #1 are provided by the staff of the Office of Sponsored Programs at Touro College.

• HTC’s Chief Academic Officer provides general guidance to HTC faculty, students, and staff about the requirements associated with human subjects research, works with Touro College’s IRB #1 on matters regarding the relationship established by the inter-institutional agreement and specific proposals submitted for review as required, and oversees all aspects of implementation and adherence to the terms of the agreement by HTC faculty and students.

For specific policies and procedures and how to determine whether research requires internal review board approval, see this link to the Touro College IRB #1 site.

Questions should be addressed to the HTC Chief Academic Officer, who will work with appropriate individuals at Touro College to provide answers. For any questions and for additional information, please contact:

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