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Yeshivas Hakayitz 2013 SliDe Show and Video

Yeshivas Hakayitz 2012 Slideshow

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Yeshivas Kayitz 2011 Slideshow

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  • FYHS students tour Illinois Holocaust Museum - Click here

Rabbeim & Staff

  • Rabbi Avraham Friedman, Rosh HaYeshiva
  • Rabbi Shmuel Schuman, Interim CEO & Director of Financial Aid
  • Rabbi Chaim Twerski, Rosh Yeshiva & Semicha 
  • Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff, Chief Academic Office and Dean
  • Rabbi Yaakov Sussman, Rosh Yeshiva
  • Rabbi Yirmiyahu Neuman, Rosh Chabura of HTC's Bellows Kollel
  • Rabbi Zvi Zimmerman, Mashgiach Ruchani
  • Rabbi Levy Sheinfeld, Shoel Umeshiv
  • Rabbi Joshua Zisook, Director of Admissions


  • Dr. Richard Aronoff Chairman, Dept. of Psychology, Professor of Psychology
  • Mr. John Athamanah, Instructor of Natural Science
  • Dr. Kalyani Banerjee, Assistant Professor of Natural Science
  • Dr. Dean Bell, Associate Professor of History
  • Rabbi David Cohen, Instructor of Accounting
  • Rabbi Azriel Feifel, Coordinator of Business Instruction, Assistant Professor of Business
  • Mr. James Freitag, Instructor of Math
  • Rabbi Dr. Yochanan Friedman, Assistant Professor of Science
  • Rabbi Aharon Gaffen, Judaica Librarian
  • Rabbi Mark Gutman, Instructor of Computer & Information Science
  • Rabbi Tzvi Haskell, Instructor of Bible
  • Rabbi Dr. Avraham Isenberg, Professor of Hebrew
  • Rabbi Dr. Jerold Isenberg, Professor of Mathematics and Business
  • Rabbi Moshe Isenberg, Instructor of Business
  • Rabbi Yehuda Isenberg, Instructor of Business
  • Rabbi Shmuel Kurtz, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
  • Mr. BenZion Lazovsky, Instructor of Mathematics
  • Rabbi Moshe Liberman, Instructor of Philosophy
  • Rabbi Dr. Abraham Lipshitz, Lehrfield Professor of Jewish Studies, Professor of Bible and Hebrew
  • Dr. Andrew Mantleman, Instructor of Psychology
  • Dr. Jay H. Mayefsky, PreHealth Sciences Advisor
  • Rabbi Michael A. Myers, Professor of History and Education
  • Rabbi Yirmiyahu Neuman, Assistant Professor of Bible and Philosophy
  • Rabbi Binyamin Olstein, Professor of Bible and Hebrew
  • Mr. David Passman, Instructor of English and Political Science
  • Dr. Jordan Pollack, Instructor of Biology
  • Mr. David Porush, Instructor of Business
  • Dr. Paul Poskozim, Professor of Chemistry
  • Rabbi Shlomo Rosen, Instructor of History
  • Rabbi Gershon Schaffel, Assistant Professor of Jewish Law
  • Rabbi Mark Schaffel, Instructor of Computer & Information Science and Business
  • Senator Ira Silverstein, Instructor of Political Science
  • Rabbi Yaakov Sussman, Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Rabbi Chaim Twerski, Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Mr. Ruben Vadnai, Instructor of Business
  • Dr. Joseph Wallach, Instructor of Psychology
  • Rabbi Seymour Wechsler, Coordinator of Accounting Instruction, Professor of Accounting
  • Mr. Neil Weiner, Instructor of History
  • Rabbi Shmuel Weiss, Instructor of Mathematics
  • Rabbi Rafael Wiesenberg, Instructor of Accounting

Yeshiva Women of HTC is proud to announce its 64th Annual Scholarship Luncheon to be held on June 23, at the DoubleTree Hotel in Skokie.

At that time Mrs. Hilda Ross Rapaport will be honored with the Woman of Valor Award. We will also be entertained by the choir of the Chicago Womens Charity Players.

We look forward to our members and friends joining us at this exciting event.

A Partner in Supporting Our Yeshiva!

For over eighty years Yeshiva Women has been a partner in helping Hebrew Theological College raise the necessary funds for its many educational programs. In addition, Yeshiva Women provides educational venues for its membership, which numbers over 1000 women from the metropolitan Chicago community, the United States and Israel.

In programming for its members, Yeshiva Women includes topics that are of interest to Jewish women in many areas. From religious and cultural topics to the politics affecting us as Jews and women, every Yeshiva Women meeting, and especially our Florence Romirowsky Fall Conclave and our Winter Conclave touch upon a multitude of issues. We are fortunate to have access to the best resources available.

Mrs. Tami Schultz, President, and the Board and members of Yeshiva Women are dedicated in our efforts to educate our students and insure the future of Judaism. Yeshiva Women works to raise the funds necessary to achieve this goal. Fasman Yeshiva High School, the Kanter School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Beis Midrash and Kollel programs and the Blitstein Teachers Institute all benefit from their efforts.

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