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Program Components for Pre-Med Core 

Professional graduate schools in health sciences are looking for the finest minds and the most motivated students who demonstrate a strong interest in working with people. A student pursuing a career in health sciences must possess the ability and desire to succeed in the often arduous process of gaining acceptance into professional graduate school. HTC is committed to offering the finest education, expert guidance and quality support services to benefit its students.   Our community relations are strong, and we are able to assist students in gaining practical volunteer experience in their field of interest.  We also provide avenues for students to demonstrate the leadership qualities which many professional graduate schools seek in their applicants.

Program Components for Major in Talmud

Kollel for webThe members of the Hebrew Theological College‚Äôs Samuel and Nina Bellows Kollel are involved in a myriad of activities in and around the Yeshiva. Kollel members  are learning the Yeshiva's Masechta in depth and contributing to the Kol Torah which can be heard in the Yeshiva's Beis Midrash.

Most of the Kollel members live on or next to the Yeshiva campus. This allows them to be involved in a number of ways with the dorming students. During the week, the Kollel is involved as "Older Brothers" helping younger students, and on Shabbos the Kollel members deliver shiurim. Furthermore, the Kollel families regularly host students for meals on Shabbos, providing a family-style Shabbos meal environment.

We are proud of our Bellows Kollel members, young Talmidei Chachamim who are destined to be effective leaders of Klal Yisrael.

Visit the Audio Library to listen to classes taught by our Kollel Fellows or click here.

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