Josh Zisook

Josh Zisook

JSOL Fall 2015

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Semester Dates: October 8, 2015 through January 15, 2016

Registration deadline: September 1, 2015



BIBLE 282                             Capstone Course

Biblical Heroes and Heroines  (3-Credit Hours)

In-depth analysis of major personalities in the Biblical narrative, men and women, the nature of their roles and prescriptive ramifications through an analysis of text examined in light of classic and modern Jewish commentaries.  Study is augmented by relevant selections in Midrashic literature.  This course presumes reading proficiency in classic and Biblical Hebrew, and proficiency in major medieval commentaries.

Instructor:  Rabbi Dr.  Hertzel  Yitzhak


BIBLE 361                              Capstone Course

Issues and Analysis in Early Prophets I (3-Credit Hours)

Designed for the student proficient in oral and written Hebrew, this course entails a comparative analysis across the Tanach as a means of understanding the Early Prophets, and the exegetical methodology of the Midrash and the Rishonim. Focus on specific issues/problems in Neviim Rishonim. Focus on Judges, Samuel I & Samuel II.

Instructor:  Mrs. Kochava Yitzhak


HISTORY 303 Capstone Course

The Holocaust (3-Credit Hours)

A study of the Shoah, and the historical antecedents that
culminated in the systematic destruction of European Jewry. Topics to be discussed: Jewish communal life in Eastern Eu-rope between the two world wars (1914-1940), State and Church sponsored anti-Semitism post emancipation; the rise of Nazism, unholy alliances in the persecution of European Jewry.

Instructor: Mrs. Elana Berman

HISTORY 207                        Capstone Course

Jews in American History   (3-Credit Hours)

Survey of major Jewish personalities and contributions made to the development of American economy, culture and government. From anti-Semitism and assimilation to  cultural pluralism the development of American Jewish identity and political parity.

Instructor: Mrs. Alissa Zeffren

JEWISH LAW 234                        Capstone Course

The Land of Israel in the Halacha   (3-Credit Hours)

Examination of Mitzvot Hatluyot Ba'Aretz. Issues to be covered include Terumot uMaaserot, Shemita veYovel, the sanctity of Eretz Yisrael and the Mekomot Ha'Kedoshim,   halachic definitions of Eretz Yisrael, and the religious status of conquered territory

Instructor: Rabbi Dov Karoll

MATH 101

Intermediate Algebra   (3-Credit Hours)


Fundamentals of algebra. Real number system, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions, linear and quadratic equations, systems of equations, and Cartesian coordinate system. 

Instructor:  TBA


General Psychology (3-Credit Hours)


Basic concepts and methods of psychology. Primary emphasis on the scientific study of human behavior and consciousness, with exploration of topics such as human development, personality, learning, thinking, perception, testing, mental health and pathology..

Instructor: TBA



Fundamentals of Composition  (3-Credit Hours)


Specific instruction and intensive practice of written expression. Study of the composing process, thesis construction, paragraph development, and essay structure with special attention to grammar and mechanics.

Instructor: TBA



Introduction to Sociology (3-Credit Hours)


Analysis of human societies, organizations and groups, and the interrelations of society, culture, and personality. Socialization, social interaction, social stratification, and social change are discussed.

Instructor:  TBA

Academic Calendar-Fall 2015

September 1, 2015—Last day to Register

October 8, 2015—First day of Fall 2015 Semester

October 24, 2015—Last day to Add/Drop (No W)

December 5, 2015—Last day to Withdraw

January 15, 2016—Last day of Fall 2015 Semester

  Below please find the required texts for Fall 2015


Biblical Heroes and Heroines

Instructor: Rabbi Dr. Hertzel Yitzhak


BIBL 361

Issues and Analysis in Early Prophets I

 Instructor: Mrs. Kochava Yitzhak


HISTORY 303 Capstone Course
The Holocaust (3-Credit Hours)

Instructor: Mrs. Elana Berman



Jews in American History

  Instructor: Mrs. Alissa Zeffren



The Land of Israel in the Halacha

Instructor: Rabbi Dov Karoll


YU Reunion Pic 2015 for web

On Wednesday, May 6th, Fasman Yeshiva High School welcomed over 40 recent alumni to lunch in Belfer Hall in Yeshiva University. FYHS alumni were overjoyed to share fond memories of the Yeshiva with Rabbi Mordechai Ginsparg, Assistant Principal and Rabbi Joshua Zisook, Director of Admissions. Rabbi Ginsparg updated the alumni about the new High School Beis Midrash and the great accomplishments in the Yeshiva. As one alumnus put it, “It was just like Rabbi Ginsparg was giving his morning announcements. It was so great to hear that the Yeshiva is doing so well.”

Rabbi Ginsparg also stressed that the Yeshiva is so proud of all of our alumni and that the Yeshiva wants to be part of their simchas and milestones. Additionally, Rabbi Zisook updated the group of the upcoming positive developments that HTC will soon encounter. He emphasized that the new partnership with Touro College should greatly enhance the offerings in the college and encourage more students to attend HTC for Beis Midrash & College. Later in the day, Rabbi Ginsparg and Rabbi Zisook enjoyed a dinner reunion with a few alumni studying in Landers College in Queens. One alumnus noted, “We are very busy with college and it’s not often that we are able to get together as a group. We are so thrilled to have this opportunity.” Another alumnus noted, “We should do this more often!” To that Rabbi Zisook noted, “We may do just that!”

HTC Hosts First Ever Yachad Shabbaton at the Yeshiva

yachad for web 1On April 26th, Shabbos Parashas Tazria-Metzora, Hebrew Theological College and Fasman Yeshiva High School hosted a Shabbaton at the Yeshiva together with Chicago Yachad. This first ever shabbaton engaged our Yeshiva students and Yachad members for an incredible weekend filled with ruach, singing, dancing and fun activities. This shabbaton also served as a great learning opportunity for our students and encouraged inclusion in a comfortable and safe environment. HTC welcomed Mr. Efrem Popel and Mrs. Shira Wiesenberg from Chicago Yachad, who joined together with the 14 Yachad members in attendance.

Shabbos began with a lively Carlebach style davening followed by an ice breaker activity led by FYHS students Eitan Drapkin and Zev Lafer. During the meals and davening, throughout the shabbaton Yachad members ate with the students seated throughout the room. They sang zemiros, delivered divrei Torah and had aliyos to the Torah along with the Yeshiva students. After Shabbos everyone joined together for a very lively havdala with singing and dancing.

One student related, “This shabbaton showed us how to be inclusive of all types of kids and not to judge based on how someone may look. It is our job to make sure that the Yachad students feel included.”

Our Yeshiva is very proud of its great relationship with Chicago Yachad,” says Rabbi Mordechai Ginsparg, Assistant Principal. On a monthly basis, FYHS hosts Yachad members for dinner followed by one-on-one learning. Daveed Hagage, Nechemia Gershman and Yechiel Comrov, students in HTC’s Beis Midrash & College program, serve as Yachad counselors for shabbatons and events. Additionally, FYHS students are regular participants at Yachad events in Chicago and beyond.

HTC and FYHS would like to thank Yachad for including our Yeshiva in their inspirational programming and we look forward to many more future shabbatons together at the Yeshiva. For more information about FYHS, please visit For more information about Chicago Yachad, please visit

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