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Hebrew Theological College may be nearly a century old, but all you had to do was just enter the room at its recent gala to get the message loud and clear: HTC’s focus is not on looking back, but looking forward.

The November 27 event, which marked HTC’s 96th anniversary, drew close to 500 attendees. As guests walked into the main ballroom, they were greeted by a giant banner that highlighted the ways HTC has reinvigorated itself, including: exciting developments across the high school; new college leadership; expanded course offerings; dynamic new rabbeim; and an expanded facility footprint. These upgrades, together with a stronger and broader management team, provided the baseline for this year’s dinner theme: “HTC Invigorated.” The new HTC video unveiled at the gala night reflected this theme as well.

The dinner celebrated three sets of honorees: Robert W. and Lee Matanky, recipients of the Distinguished Leadership Award; Dr. Shmuel and Chana Goldstein, who received the Distinguished Parents Award; and Roz and Renan Sugarman, recipients of the Distinguished Service Award.

“Each of these families has made their own unique mark on HTC’s historic legacy,” said Brian Levinson, Chairman of the HTC Board. “We’re grateful to be able to recognize their contributions at this pivotal moment in our organization’s trajectory.”

Dr. Alan Kadish, president of Touro College and University System, and who also serves as HTC president, delivered greetings to start the evening. Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Avraham Friedman gave a D’var Torah related to the upcoming Chanukah holiday.

The evening also featured a keynote presentation from Yaakov Katz, editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post and author of “The Weapon Wizards: How Israel Became a High-Tech Military Superpower.” In his talk, Katz focused on the unique resolve of the Israeli and Jewish people to keep its head up and move forward, and said that what makes Israel unique is the Torah and that Hashem is on our side.

HTC thanks Les Blau, David and Miriam Meyers, and Michael and Dvora Nussbaum for chairing the gala Between the honorees, the speaker, the exciting videos, and the general buzz in the air (including the dinner finishing on schedule), the evening was truly – yes, one more time – invigorated!

It is our pleasure to announce that after an extensive search, Rabbi Dovid Kupchik has been named Principal of Fasman Yeshiva High School beginning this fall.

Rabbi Kupchik is a very accomplished educator and school leader. Since 2000, he has served as Menahel of HAFTR Middle School and since 2014 as Menahel of both the Lower and Middle School on Long Island, NY, where he supervised the entire Judaic Program and worked closely with the general studies administration and staff. Before HAFTR, he held administrative and teaching positions at Yeshiva Har Torah in Bayside, NY and Yavneh Academy in Paramus, NJ. 
Rabbi Kupchik is also an active member of his community, serving on important shul and communal committees. He received Semicha from Yeshiva University (RIETS '92) and earned an MA from YU's Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration ('98). He graduated this year from the Torah Umesorah Academy for leadership and fundraising and in 2014 from the YU LEAD program for aspiring leaders in Jewish Education.  He also received the Caroline & Joseph Gruss Excellent Teacher Award ('99). Rabbi Kupchik is an alumnus of Yeshiva College ('89) and Yeshivat Shaalvim ('85-'87).  Rabbi Kupchik and his wife Bonnie, have six children, are looking forward to joining the community.
Rabbi Kupchik is very much looking forward to meeting our parents and developing relationships with our students, staff and parents. Rabbi Kupchik will formally begin his duties on July 2nd. We will share his contact information in the near future, so you can personally reach out to him and welcome him to our Yeshiva.  

Thank you to Rabbi Micah Greenland and the entire search committee for their tireless efforts. We wish Rabbi Kupchik much hatzlacha as he begins his new role as Principal and we look forward to wonderful growth at Fasman Yeshiva High School.

Rabbi Shmuel Schuman                                            Rabbi Avraham Friedman
Chief Executive Officer                                              Rosh HaYeshiva
Beis HaMidrash LaTorah, Hebrew Theological College, a member of the Touro College and University System, is excited to announce that beginning in the fall of 2018, Rabbi Moshe Revah will join our Yeshiva as a Rosh Yeshiva in the Beis Midrash and College Program for Men. Rabbi Revah will teach the advanced Gemara shiur in the morning and afternoon as well as Night Seder shiur for 12th grade students in Fasman Yeshiva High School.
Rabbi Revah, originally from Toronto, learned in the Passaic Yeshiva, Bais Midrash Gavoah in Lakewood and Brisk in Israel. He spent six years in Kollel in Israel learning under Rav Yaakov Hillel before joining the Chicago Community Kollel. He is currently the Rav of Ohel Tefillah, a new shul in West Rogers Park, and is a prominent senior member of the Chicago Community Kollel. For the past six years, he has delivered a daily Daf Yomi shiur, various Gemara and Halacha shiurim and is a widely sought after speaker in the community. Rabbi Revah completed his first sefer, Revach Barur on Hilchos Ribbis, about the laws of not charging interest and is about to release his newest sefer, Revach Milseih on Hilchos Basar B'Chalav, about the laws of milk and meat. He is a frequent contributor to Halacha Encounters, a weekly publication of the Chicago Community Kollel.  
"We are extremely excited to welcome Rabbi Revah to HTC. He is a dynamic Talmid Chacham and a very well-liked Rav and Rebbe," said Rabbi Avraham Friedman, Rosh HaYeshiva. Rabbi Shmuel Schuman, CEO added, "In an effort to restructure the learning in the Beis Midrash, bringing in Rav Revah will greatly complement our vibrant team of Roshei Yeshiva led by our Rosh HaYeshiva, HaRav Avraham Friedman. Our students are sure to benefit from Rabbi Revah's vast Torah knowledge and genuine warmth."
About Hebrew Theological College

Hebrew Theological College, founded in 1921, is committed to producing Torah-imbued college graduates who will serve the Jewish community and humanity through their professional and personal vocations. Hebrew Theological College provides coursework leading to undergraduate degrees in Judaic Studies, Accounting, Business, Education, English, Health Sciences, Psychology and Speech and Language Pathology. In addition to the two college divisions - the Men's Beis Midrash & College program and the Blitstein Teachers Institute for Women - Hebrew Theological College also includes the Fasman Yeshiva High School preparatory division for young men. Hebrew Theological College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and a partner in serving our community, supported by the Jewish Federation/Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago. Hebrew Theological College is a member of the Touro College and University System.

For more information about Hebrew Theological College, please visit
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On Sunday, January 28th,  Hebrew Theological College held a Shloshim Memorial to pay tribute to Rabbi Yitzchak Sender,zt"l, a long time Rosh Yeshiva at Beis HaMidrash LaTorah. HaRav Sender was a Musmach of our yeshiva, an extraordinary Marbitz Torah through his manyseforim, beloved Rebbe to countlesstalmidim and a champion of Torah who, with his genuine warmth andahavasyisrael, made an indelible impact on Klal Yisrael. 
The Shloshim Memorial was attended by friends, Yeshiva students andcommunity members, who came to pay tribute to their Rebbe and teacher. The program included remarks from Rabbi Moshe Sender, Rabbi Binomin Olstein, Rabbi Pinchas Eichenstein and Rabbi Avraham Friedman who shared hespedimand memories. In addition, HTC was honored by the attendance of Rebbetzin Sender and her children.

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On Motza'ei Shabbos, January 27th, Hebrew Theological College in Skokie, Illinois, hosted its 37th Annual Melave Malka in the Lavin Dining Hall. Nearly 250 guests enjoyed a sumptuous fleishig buffet as they listened to musical entertainment. During the evening emceed by Rabbi Yehiel Kalish, Rabbi Shmuel L. Schuman, CEO of HTC, presented the Rabbi Herman Davis Memorial Scholarships to a most-deserving Beis Midrash and College student Zalman Cohen.


The highlight of the evening was the keynote address by Mr. Moishe Bane, the President of the Orthodox Union. Mr. Bane’s topic was, "3 Existential Threats to American Orthodoxy," and touched the dangers of the internet, challenges of Jewish identity and ethics issues in the community. You can watch a replay of the speech at:


Throughout the weekend Mr. Bane spoke at many shuls and community gatherings about the work of the Orthodox Union, including visits with the leadership of Midwest NCSY and Chicago Yachad. Blitstein Institute sponsored a unique event focused on shidduchim, hosted by Rochie and David Porush, with Mrs. Joanne Bane. Mrs. Bane is a well-known and respected shadchan, whose advice is sought by families throughout North America and beyond. Over 25 mothers participated in a very interactive and informative discussion.


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