Josh Zisook

Josh Zisook

Max Bressler School of Advanced Hebrew Studies

Coursework offered by the Max Bressler School of Advanced Hebrew Studies provides all undergraduates of HTC with a broad base of knowledge in classic Hebraic language and literature, Bible, Jewish history, and Jewish philosophy, while developing the skills necessary to encourage further study in the original sources.  The School offers advanced study for students choosing to major in Bible, Hebrew, and Jewish History. All students seeking a Bachelor of Arts in Judaic Studies must complete an Advanced Hebrew Studies Core by completing coursework within the Max Bressler School of Advanced Hebrew Studies (see specific requirements for the B.A. in Judaic Studies).  The Bressler School in conjunction with the Department of Education provides a program for Hebrew teacher certification, which is an option to students who aspire to careers in Jewish education.

William and Lillian Kanter School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The William and Lillian Kanter School of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides core courses required of all students seeking the Bachelor of Arts.   Experiences provided through the Kanter School of Liberal Arts and Sciences allow students to explore various career options while preparing them for admission to graduate and professional programs of study.  The Kanter School of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers comprehensive additional majors through the Departments of Business and Accounting, Education, English and Psychology as well as providing advanced study in a variety of areas including Mathematics and Natural Science.  Click here for more information


  • Rabbi Binyamin Olstein, Menahel Ruchani, Semicha and Dayanut, Chief Rabbinate of Jerusalem; B.A., Michlelet Yerushalayim.
  • Dr. Esther M. Shkop, Dean, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago; M.A., Shapell College for Women, Jerusalem; B.A., University of Denver.
  • Mrs. Rita Lipshitz, Assistant Dean, M.A., University of Illinois; B.A., Northwestern University.
  • Dr. Richard Aronoff, Chair, Department of Psychology; Ed. D., University of Northern Colorado; M.A., Roosevelt University; B.A., University of Illinois.
  • Mrs. Malkie Eisenberg, Chair, Department of English; M.A., Northeastern Illinois University; B.A., Pace University.
  • Dr. Shana Erenberg, Chair, Department of Education; Ph.D., Northwestern University; M.A., B.A., Northeastern Illinois University.
  • Rabbi Azriel Feifel, Coordinator of Business; Semicha, Chief Rabbinate of Jerusalem; M.B.A., Lake Forest Graduate School of Management; B.P.S., State University of NY.
  • Dr. Channah Naiman, Coordinator of Computer and Information Science; Ph.D. University of Illinois; M.S., B.S., Cleveland State University.
  • Dr. Ahuva Shkop, Coordinator of Math Instruction; Ph.D., M.S., University of Illinois; B.A., Hebrew Theological College.
  • Rabbi Seymour Wechsler, Coordinator of Accounting; Semicha, Hebrew Theological College; C.P.A., B.S., Roosevelt University.
  • Dr. Rhonda Brown, Chair of Health Sciences; Ph.D., Northwestern University; B.S., University of North Carolina.


  • Ms. Debra Andruk, B.A. Concordia University 
  • Ms. Esther Berland, M.A., University of Illinois; B.A., Hebrew Theological College
  • Mrs. Adina Blaustein, M.A., Brooklyn College, M.A., B.A., Yeshiva University
  • Mrs. Sheryl Covitt, M.Ed., National Lewis University; B.A., Northern Illinois University
  • Dr. Norman Eliaser, Ph.D., M.S., Northwestern University; B.S., Carnegie Mellon University
  • Dr. Judy Ginsburg, M.D., University of Illinois College of Medicine; B.A., University of Illinois
  • Mrs. Devorah Goldberg, M.B.A., Roosevelt University; B.A., Hebrew Theological College
  • Mrs. Rena Grosser, M.A., Hofstra University; B.A., Queens College
  • Rabbi Reuven Gross, Semicha Beth Midrash Govoha; Rabbincal College of Long Island
  • Mrs. Miriam Jaffe, M.Ed., Loyola University; B.A. Northeastern Illinois University
  • Mrs. Alexandra Krueger, MBA, INSEAD-France; M.Sc.; Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology; BFA, Art Center College of Design
  • Rabbi Shmuel Kurtz, Semicha, Kollel Sheivet U’meChokek, Jerusalem; Semicha, Rabbinical College Yeshivat Be’er Yaakov
  • Mrs. Faye Meyers, C.P.A., B. S., Northeastern Illinois University
  • Rabbi Michael A. Myers, Semicha, Hebrew Theological College; M.A., University of Illinois, B.A., Loyola University
  • Mrs. Sarit Olstein, B.A., Michlelet Yerushalayim for Women
  • Dr. Shira Frost Roth, Ed.D., M.A., National-Louis University; B.A., Northeastern Illinois University.
  • Dr. Sharon Rukin, Ph.D., Northwestern University; M.S., University of Wisconsin; B.S. Tel Aviv University
  • Mr. George Sanvanson, M.S., Northeastern Illinois University; M.S, B.S., University of Tehran
  • Mrs. Lieba Schanowitz, M.S., Rush University; B.A., Hebrew Theological College
  • Rabbi Gershon Schaffel, Graduate Studies, Loyola University; B.H.L., Hebrew Theological College;
  • Mr. Baruch Schur, J.D., Loyola University; B.A., Northeastern Illinois University
  • Dr. Julie Swartzendruber, Ph.D., Northwestern University; B.A., Wartburg College
  • Mrs. Rena Spiegel, M.A., Northwestern University; B.A., State University of New York at Binghamton
  • Dr. Elisheva Su, Ph.D., M.S., Northwestern University; A.B., Princeton University
  • Rabbi Yaakov Sussman, Yeshiva Chaim Berlin; Semicha Mir Yeshiva; Chicago Community Kollel
  • Dr. Elizabeth Yellen, Ph.D., M.A., University of Michigan; B.A., Tufts University

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