Program Components for Pre-Med Core

Acceptance into a professional graduate school for a career in health sciences is a rigorous process, and a strong background in science and math is necessary to be competitive. HTC offers, over the course of three years, the necessary laboratory courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, as well as Mathematics courses to demonstrate these proficiencies during the application process.

The curriculum below is designed for students planning to pursue professional training in medicine. It is also recommended for students interested in other health professions, for whom additional prerequisite courses may be offered on campus as needed. Furthermore, it is advisable for all students interested in a career in health sciences to enroll in HTC courses that develop oral and written communication skills.

Professional graduate schools in health sciences are looking for the finest minds and the most motivated students who demonstrate a strong interest in working with people. A student pursuing a career in health sciences must possess the ability and desire to succeed in the often arduous process of gaining acceptance into professional graduate school. HTC is committed to offering the finest education, expert guidance and quality support services to benefit its students.   Our community relations are strong, and we are able to assist students in gaining practical volunteer experience in their field of interest.  We also provide avenues for students to demonstrate the leadership qualities which many professional graduate schools seek in their applicants.

Recommended Pre-Med Core Curriculum

In addition to the Judaic Studies and General Education requirements specified in this catalog, the following courses are recommended for those students seeking a career in health sciences:

  • NSCI 160  Physics I 4
  • NSCI 161  Physics II 4
  • NSCI 170  General Chemistry I 4
  • NSCI 171  General Chemistry II 4
  • NSCI 180  General Biology I 4
  • NSCI 181  General Biology II 4
  • NSCI 270  Organic Chemistry I 4
  • NSCI 271  Organic Chemistry II 4
  • MATH 261 & 262  Calculus I & II 10 or  MATH 261  Calculus I & MATH 272  Statistics 8
Depending on enrollment, some courses may not be offered at TI and students can make arrangements to take approved courses at other local colleges. Prerequisites for graduate and professional schools are subject to change.


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