Professional Career Programs

Hebrew Theological College provides many opportunities for students to fulfill their professional career goals. Academic and career guidance is a key element to student success in these areas.  Some of the programs described below are based entirely at HTC, others are accomplished through HTC’s strategic alliances with other institutions and a few are preparatory degrees required for admission to post-BA degree programs.  Students are advised to contact their Department Chair, Dean or other designated faculty member to discuss career goals and academic requirements.


Hebrew Theological College supports an extensive Accounting Department with coursework available in the areas of financial and managerial accounting, tax law and auditing.  Students majoring in Accounting may choose the Certified Public Accounting track which provides coursework to meet the Illinois Board of Examiners’ requirements for the CPA exam.  Click here for program requirements


Many Hebrew Theological College graduates have pursued advanced degrees in Law and embarked on successful careers in the legal profession.  HTC supports students interested in this career path through academic guidance and career counseling. 

Medical and Dental

HTC offers all of the pre-requisite courses and opportunities necessary for students to successfully demonstrate their competencies in the areas of science, mathematics and language arts necessary to the successful application process for Medical and Dental schools.  These courses are offered as enrollment allows and are only offered to students on the Beis Midrash campus at this time. Click here for program requirements


Hebrew Theological College and the Chicago College of Pharmacy of Midwestern University (Downer’s Grove, Illinois) have a Dual Acceptance Program enabling students to apply to and be accepted by HTC and CCP simultaneously.  This unique six year program is structured so that accepted students enroll in Judaic Studies and General Education courses, including extensive science and mathematics courses, at HTC for the first two years and then complete a four year program at CCP.  Click here for program requirements


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Hebrew Theological College is authorized to operate as a postsecondary educational institution by the Illinois Board of Higher Education