Bachelor of Arts - Majors

Hebrew Theological College offers a Bachelor of Arts degree that combines intensive study in a major field of study with a required general education component that consists of comprehensive core curricula in Advanced Hebrew Studies (Bible, Hebrew, Jewish History, Jewish Law, Jewish Philosophy) and Liberal Arts and Sciences. Click here to view core requirements

Program Components for the Additional Major in Accounting

Program Components for Additional Major in Business

Curriculum Requirements

A minimum of 120 semester hours is required for all students who graduate from Hebrew Theological College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Students pursuing an additional major in Business must complete 38-39 semester hours in Business and related courses, as outlined below.


Program Components for Dual Acceptance Pharmacy Program

Hebrew Theological College has joined with Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy to enable students to grow in Torah while preparing for a career in pharmacy. The Dual Acceptance Program permits students to complete their prerequisite requirements in two years together with their rigorous Judaic Studies schedule. Students will then matriculate into Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy to begin a 4-year Doctor of Pharmacy Program.



Most health professions (from Speech and Language Pathology to Pharmacy and Medicine) require the completion of a graduate program, the admission to which is predicated on successful completion of rigorous curricula of specific pre-requisite courses. HTC’s additional major in Health Sciences allows students seeking advanced educational opportunities to better leverage their education at HTC. Students are advised to choose this additional major early in their HTC academic career in order to benefit from specific career and academic guidance that are the hallmarks of this program. Emphasis is placed on communicating information and ideas, both in written and oral presentations. The use of technology for research, communication, and individual learning and adaptation is an integral part of the curriculum. At this time, the Major in Health Sciences is only offered to students in the Blitstein Institute.

Program Components for Pre-Med Core 

Professional graduate schools in health sciences are looking for the finest minds and the most motivated students who demonstrate a strong interest in working with people. A student pursuing a career in health sciences must possess the ability and desire to succeed in the often arduous process of gaining acceptance into professional graduate school. HTC is committed to offering the finest education, expert guidance and quality support services to benefit its students.   Our community relations are strong, and we are able to assist students in gaining practical volunteer experience in their field of interest.  We also provide avenues for students to demonstrate the leadership qualities which many professional graduate schools seek in their applicants.

Curriculum Requirements for Additional Major in Psychology

A minimum of 120 semester hours is required for all students who graduate from Hebrew Theological College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.  Students pursuing an additional major in Psychology must complete 32 semester hours in Psychology courses.


Program Components for Major in Talmud


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