Dual Acceptance Pharmacy Program - Pharmacy Requirements

Doctor of Pharmacy Dual Acceptance Program with Midwestern University’s Chicago College of Pharmacy

Selected students who successfully complete specified coursework at Hebrew Theological College will be granted an early acceptance to the Chicago College of Pharmacy for coursework leading to a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree.  Students interested in the program must meet the following requirements:

•Must apply to the dual acceptance program immediately prior to the beginning of the student’s first year in the degree program at HTC and be accepted by both HTC and CCP.

•Must score in the top 20% on a College Entrance Exam (ACT:  25 OR SAT (3 sections): 1700).  To be considered, applicants must submit national test scores for ACT or SAT that include a writing component score;

•Earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale;

•Reflect a people/service orientation through community service or extracurricular activities;

•Reflect proper motivation for and commitment to the pharmacy profession as demonstrated by previous work, volunteer, or other life experiences; and

•Possess the oral and written communication skills necessary to interact with patients and colleagues.

All prerequisite coursework must be completed within two academic years at HTC.  A minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.20 must achieved at the end of the spring semester of the first and second professional years and at the end of all pre-pharmacy coursework at HTC.  Students must earn a grade of “C” or higher in all required courses. Students are not permitted to repeat courses for a higher grade.

Required Curriculum

For students pursuing a Bachelors degree at HTC, the following courses are required in addition to the Judaic Studies and General Education requirements specified in this catalog (see page 13):

Pre-Pharmacy –

Recommended Curriculum

BUSN 215 or 217 – Macroeconomics or Microeconomics

PSYC 101:               General Psychology



SOCI 101:                 Introduction to Sociology


MATH 261:               Calculus I


MATH 272:               Statistical Analysis   


Humanities Electives**


NSCI 180:                 General Biology I

NSCI 181:                General Biology II

NSCI 201:                Human Anatomy and Physiology I




NSCI 170:                General Chemistry I


NSCI 171:                General Chemistry II


NSCI 270:                Organic Chemistry I


NSCI 271:                Organic Chemistry II


NSCI 160:                Physics I


NSCI 161:                Physics II


PHIL 323:                Jewish Bioethics*




Upon successful completion of the required coursework as outlined above, students will begin their studies at Midwestern University’s Chicago College of Pharmacy without taking the PCAT assessment.  Students will complete the remaining four years of the degree program at CCP while maintaining a relationship with HTC.  HTC will assist CCP as appropriate to arrange Sabbath-observant placements during the 4th Year Professional Practicum program.


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