The Kanter School of Liberal Arts and Sciences is engaged in an ongoing process of assessment and improvement. Our primary objective in this process is your academic welfare. To assist us, we are joining many other institutions of higher learning in establishing an on-line e-portfolio for each student through a service called “LiveText”.  This service will benefit the college by providing us with important data concerning the general academic progress of our students in their writing and research skills. This data enables us to assess our progress as an institution to attain our goal of providing the best education that we can for our students.

The service will benefit you because you will have a confidential sequenced portfolio of your writing in all English courses and in all Psychology courses. You will be able to track your progress in these areas, draw upon the work and research that you have done, and to use this information in your presentation to prospective graduate schools and employers.


  • To whom does this apply?

All students enrolled in English Composition courses, English Literature courses, and all PSYC majors must subscribe to the service. If you have completed all English composition and English Literature requirements before January 4, 2010 and you will not be taking a PSYC course, you are exempt.

  • Will I be trained to use Livetext?

Yes. The LiveText training session is offered free of charge on our HTC Beis Midrash campus.

  • By what date must I subscribe?

In order for you to participate in the one hour training session, you must already have secured your LiveText username. Your user name is acquired at the time that you subscribe.  Thus, your subscription must be completed before the mandatory training sessions offered each semester. You do not have to wait until Orientation week to subscribe.

  • How much does this service cost?

There is a one-time fee of $98 to purchase this program, and the subscription remains valid throughout a student’s college career, and for three years after graduation.

  • How do I access the site and subscribe?

It can be purchased at with a credit card. You need only purchase the basic version of LiveText.  To confirm purchase, you are required to tell your English and Psychology instructors your username that you will receive upon subscription.

After you have purchased a membership you may log on at

  • May I use my current username that have for other programs?

The college requires that your username be LAST NAME/FIRST INITIAL one word. Eg: myersm. You, of course, may select any password that you wish.

  • Will all work in these courses be required to be placed on Live Text?

Not necessarily. Select assignments as identified by the instructor must be submitted on LiveText on time. You are free to post any and all your work on your personal site. Paper copies of those assignments that are required to be posted on LiveText will not be accepted. Students who do not submit their assignments correctly on LiveText will not receive credit for that course.

  • To whom do I turn with questions or problems with LiveText?

Avi Zisook is our coordinator for LiveText. He will conduct the training sessions and he will be able to

assist you.

Our administration and faculty wish you great success in your college experience at HTC!