Program Components for Major in Talmud


Judaic Major: 30

Advanced Hebrew Studies: 36-42

Bible (minimum of 2 semester hours each in Torah, Nevi’im, & Ketuvim): 12

Hebrew (HEBR 109 or above): 12

Jewish History: 6

Jewish Philosophy: 6

Jewish Law (waived for Talmud majors):6

Liberal Arts and Sciences: 30

Behavioral/Social Sciences (e.g. Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology): 3

Computer Applications (CAIS 106 or competency via exam): 3

English Composition (ENGL 111 and either ENGL 211 or ENGL 213): 6

English Literature: 3

Mathematics (MATH 104 or above): 3

Natural Sciences: 4

Speech (SPCH 101, 210 or 255; or equivalent): 3

Liberal Arts and Sciences Electives: 6

Unrestricted Electives 18-24


Note:  Core requirements in English composition must be fulfilled within the first year of attendance.

Students majoring in Talmud, for which the residency requirement is 12 hours, must complete this requirement by selecting one of the two following options.

Option A: Full Time Program

This program offers 6 Talmud credits per semester during which the student is registered for Talmud Shiurim and Morning, Afternoon and Night Sedarim. Students must attend two consecutive 16 week semesters. (Fall/Winter or Winter/Fall)

Only the following courses may be used to satisfy the Talmud residency requirement:
Option A Courses: All six (6) credit Talmud Tractate courses

Three credit Talmud Tractate Seminar courses semesters may not be used toward fulfillment of Talmud residency requirement.

Residency Requirement

Students receiving the Bachelor of Arts must have completed a minimum of 40 semester hours at Hebrew Theological College to include:

Judaic Major: 10 or more (See specific Departmental requirements)

Advanced Hebrew Studies 20

Bible: 6

Hebrew:  6

Jewish History: 4

Jewish Philosophy: 4 PHIL 127 or 128 required in residence for Talmud majors

Liberal Arts and Sciences: 10*

Additional Major 10 or more (See specific Departmental requirements)

*ENGL 111 must be completed in residence except if a student demonstrates competency through excellent performance on the HTC Writing Assessment Test.

Specific courses used to fulfill residency requirements must be selected in consultation with the student’s Dean or advisor.

Students who major in an area of Advanced Hebrew Studies could count their coursework for both their major and their Advanced Hebrew Studies residency requirement. Thus, students majoring in Bible or Hebrew would be required to complete a minimum of 24 semester hours in Advanced Hebrew Studies in residence and those majoring in Jewish History would be required to complete a minimum of 26 semester hours in Advanced Hebrew Studies in residence. Additionally, such students must complete at least 4 to 6 semester hours  in residence at Hebrew Theological College in Advanced Hebrew Studies and 10 hours in Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Advanced Hebrew Studies Core

In satisfying the Advanced Hebrew Studies core requirements, including residency requirements, a maximum of two courses in total may be used in substitution of listed requirements with the approval of the student’s faculty advisor from the following academic areas: Bible, Hebrew, Jewish History, Jewish Law, and Jewish Philosophy.  Only one substitution will be allowed per academic area.


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