Program Components for Additional Major in Business

Curriculum Requirements

A minimum of 120 semester hours is required for all students who graduate from Hebrew Theological College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Students pursuing an additional major in Business must complete 38-39 semester hours in Business and related courses, as outlined below.


Judaic Studies: Consistent with the mission and policies of Hebrew Theological College, all degree-seeking students pursuing an additional major in Business or Accounting must complete the requirements for a primary major in an area of Judaic Studies. Any students not progressing satisfactorily (see Academic Progress Policy, page 82) in the Judaic Studies major will not be permitted to continue in the additional major program.

General Education: Students must complete HTC’s General Education Requirements as listed in the catalog.  Additional requirements:

1. ENGL 211 Advanced Composition: Writing Across the Disciplines. or ENGL 213 Rhetoric: Clarity and Persuasion, either of which satisfies the LAS Core requirements.

2. BUSN/MATH 272 preceded by MATH 105 or ACCT 250 / MATH 250 Mathematics and Computation for Business Majors, which satisfies the LAS mathematics requirement. A student who lacks the appropriate background must take the needed prerequisites before enrolling in these courses.

3. PHIL 302 Fundamentals of Jewish Business Ethics (2 semester hours) or PHIL 322 Case Studies in Jewish Business Ethics (3 semester hours).  Either course may be used to partially satisfy the AHS Philosophy requirement.

4. BUSN 215 Macroeconomics or BUSN 217 Microeconomics may be used to satisfy the LAS requirement in Behavioral and Social Sciences.

Business Coursework: The Business coursework for the additional major in Business consists of 36 semester hours as outlined below.

  • ACCT 201  Principles of Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 202  Principles of Managerial Accounting
  • BUSN 215  Macroeconomics
  • BUSN 217  Microeconomics
  • BUSN 250  Business Law
  • BUSN 272  Statistical Analysis
  • BUSN 301  Management of Personnel and Organizations
  • BUSN 306  Advanced Application Skills BUSN 311  Principles of Marketing
  • BUSN 311 Principles of Marketing
  • BUSN 341  Business Finance
  • BUSN 361  E-Commerce
  • BUSN 385  Business Policy and Strategic Management

Residency Requirement: The following 14-15 semester hours must be completed in residence:

BUSN 385  Business Policy and Strategic Management  (3 semester hours)

3 additional Business courses at the 200 level or above (9 semester hours)

PHIL 302  Fundamentals of Jewish Business Ethics    (2 semester hours)


PHIL 322 Case Studies in Jewish Business Ethics  (3 semester hours)


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