Skokie Men's Campus

Hebrew Theological College and Fasman Yeshiva High School are housed on a seven-acre campus situated in the quiet suburb of  Skokie, Illinois. Our Beis Midrash building houses a separate high school Beis Midrash, a Chadar Iyun and classrooms, providing an ideal setting for growth in Torah learning, and for career preparation. The Yeshiva boasts a a state-of-the-art computer lab, science laboratory and the Saul Silber Memorial Library, containing over 60,000 books and manuscripts, the largest Rabbinic library of its kind in the Midwest.  Students have access to a variety of on-campus leisure facilities, ranging from a full-size gymnasium, newly built outdoor basketball court, newly ronnovated softball field to a fitness center.  Access to these facilities allows them to make excellent, constructive use of their free time.  Adjacent to the Beis Midrash is our dormitory facility, featuring spacious and recently updated accommodations, a laundry room and a full-service dining hall, providing three meals a day. Many Rabbeim live only blocks from the Yeshiva campus.  The result is a close-knit and nurturing family setting in which students feel an integral part of a fast-growing yeshiva community.

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 Chicago Blitstein Institute (TI) Women's Campus

The Blitstein Institute for Women campus surrounded by several parks features two classroom buildings that house computer labs, art studio, a fully equipped science laboratory and a branch of HTC's Saul Silber Memorial Library.

Located in the heart of the Chicago Orthodox Jewish Community, Blitstein Institute for Women is in proximity to many Torah Institutions and Synagogues, as well as Kosher restaurants and groceries, Jewish bookstores and libraries, and a full-service community center providing women’s only swimming and exercise facilities.  Students are actively involved in community chesed activities, and are often employed as teacher aides, student advisors and youth group counselors and activities directors.

Adjacent to the classroom buildings are the TI Student Residences, featuring spacious apartments with full kitchen and laundry facilities, as well as a student lounge and workout room.  Residents are supervised by a Rabbinic family living on the premises.  The family provides a taste of home, counseling and Shabbat placement.  Out-of-town students are rapidly integrated into the community, while developing life-long friendships and cooperative skills through shared domestic responsibilities.

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  • 7135 N. Carpenter Rd.
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Hebrew Theological College is authorized to operate as a postsecondary educational institution by the Illinois Board of Higher Education