Most health professions (from Speech and Language Pathology to Pharmacy and Medicine) require the completion of a graduate program, the admission to which is predicated on successful completion of rigorous curricula of specific pre-requisite courses. HTC’s additional major in Health Sciences allows students seeking advanced educational opportunities to better leverage their education at HTC. Students are advised to choose this additional major early in their HTC academic career in order to benefit from specific career and academic guidance that are the hallmarks of this program. Emphasis is placed on communicating information and ideas, both in written and oral presentations. The use of technology for research, communication, and individual learning and adaptation is an integral part of the curriculum. At this time, the Major in Health Sciences is only offered to students in the Blitstein Institute.

Admission to the Department of Natural Sciences

Students planning to pursue an additional major in Health Sciences must declare that intent after completing 30 semester hours. Transfer students may apply for this major after completing 12 semester hours at HTC. Applicants must meet the following requirements at the time of application:

 Satisfactory progress and good standing in Judaic Studies.
 A minimum of a 3.0 GPA, and successful completion (B or better) of:
o English 111
o Math 104 or 105
o 4 credits of Biology, Chemistry or Physics*
 An interview with the Chairperson or Coordinator of the Department.

* Students with successful AP courses in these areas are exempt from this requirement.

Applicants who do not meet all of the above criteria must schedule an appointment for an interview with the Chair or Coordinator of the Department and the Dean of the Division of HTC to which the student has been admitted. Depending on the circumstances, provisional admission may be granted with a plan of remediation. Upon successful completion of this plan, the student may receive regular admission status.

Curriculum Requirements: Additional Major in Health Sciences

A minimum of 120 semester hours is required for all students who graduate from Hebrew Theological College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Residency Requirement
Students must complete a minimum of 20 semester hours in Natural Sciences in residence.


Judaic Studies: Consistent with the mission and policies of Hebrew Theological College, all degree-seeking students pursuing an additional major in Health Sciences must complete the requirements for a primary major in an area of Judaic Studies. A student who is not progressing satisfactorily (see Academic Progress Policy, page 88) in the Judaic Studies major will not be permitted to continue in the additional major program.

General Education: Students must complete Hebrew Theological College’s General Education Requirements as listed in this catalog. Students lacking sufficient skills and knowledge in Mathematics and Natural Sciences will be guided towards appropriate prerequisite coursework.

Note that graduate level programs may have prerequisites and other admission requirements that change over time. It is imperative that students contact the schools that offer the program they wish to enter to determine any additional courses or requirements for that program. All students are expected to meet regularly with the Health Sciences Department Chair or Coordinator.

Health Sciences Core
Core Curriculum: The following 32 semester hours constitute the core curriculum for students seeking an additional major in Health Sciences.

MATH 272 Statistical Analysis 3
NSCI 113 Introduction to Biology (w/lab) 4
NSCI 135 Introduction to Physics (w/lab) or
NSCI 160 Physics I 4
NSCI 140 Principles of General Chemistry (w/lab) 4
NSCI 201 Anatomy & Physiology I (w/lab) 4
NSCI 202 Anatomy & Physiology II (w/lab) 4
NSCI 263 Human Heredity 3
PHIL 323 Jewish Bioethics 3
PSYC 101 General Psychology 3
PSYC 217 Developmental Psychology 3

Concentration in Physical Therapy (additional 26 credit hours)
NSCI 152 Medical Terminology 3
NSCI 160 Physics I 4
NSCI 161 Physics II 4
MATH 261 Calculus 5
NSCI 140 Principles of General Chemistry or
NSCI 170 General Chemistry I 4
NSCI 171 General Chemistry II or
NSCI 240 Organic Chemistry 4
PSYC 317 Abnormal Psychology 3

Three documented physical therapy clinical experiences of at least 15 hours each

Concentration in Physician Assistant (additional 19 credit hours)
NSCI 152 Medical Terminology 3
NSCI 140 Principles of General Chemistry or
NSCI 170 General Chemistry I 4
NSCI 171 General Chemistry II 4
NSCI 240 Organic Chemistry 4
NSCI 261 Microbiology and Health 4


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